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Top 5 Renault Megane Gearbox Problems & Solutions

Renault Megane Gearbox Problems

Top 5 Renault Megane Gearbox Problems & Solutions

The Renault Megane has been hailed as one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the market today. Coming in at an average price, the car provides some decent features for what you have to pay. However, dealing with Renault Megane gearbox problems can often be an issue and could set you back a few bucks.

Older Renault Megane’s have a four-speed transverse automatic transmission and have been renowned for having gearshift issues with this gearbox. The issue often triggers a gearbox warning on the dashboard. It is identified as a loud bang when shifting through the gears. The problem is persistent but will subside from time to time.

If you have a Renault Megane and you notice that shifting seems harder or irregular, you have come to the right place. We aim to help you identify some of these common issues and give you a few possible solutions to sort them out. You might have to visit a mechanic, but some of these issues can be solved at home.

Top 5 Renault Megane Gearbox Problems

Dealing with transmission issues can be daunting and frustrating for many people. However, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of traffic with a vehicle that cannot change gears. Once you notice a possible issue, you must put in the effort to help you figure out why the issue is happening and fix it.

1. Loud Noise During gear Shifts

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Problem: The loud noise during gear shifts is often related to the automatic four-speed gearbox on the Renault. It is characterized by a loud banging noise and the “check gearbox” warning light on the dashboard. Fluid leaks within the pressure regulator are one of the main causes and could lead to an imbalance of fluid pressure. Clogged solenoids might also obstruct the movement, which causes delays in shifting gears

Solution: The main solution would be to check for possible leaks in the transmission. It should not be hard to spot liquid in areas where you commonly do not see any fluid. If you cannot determine the leak, it might be a solenoid issue and this will force you to visit your mechanic to have the issue sorted and the solenoids replaced.

2. Switching To Limp Mode

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Problem: A common gearbox issue is often noted when the vehicle automatically switches to limp mode after warming up. Your car might be running fine when you start it, but once the vehicle warms up, it automatically activates limp mode. Low transmission fluid might trigger limp mode, but a faulty pressure modulation valve might also be one of the main causes of the problem.

Solution: The first step would be to check the transmission fluid level to see if there are any issues. You might find that it is leaking or the modulation valve is dysfunctional. Topping up the transmission fluid should be simple, but replacing the modulation valve might take some time and effort. You should easily find a replacement valve though.

3. Lack Of Acceleration/ Weak Throttle Response

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Problem: As your Renault Megane ages, you might run into a delayed response from your accelerator. The issue is most common in vehicles with a manual transmission. If the delay is no more than 1-second, it is acceptable. However, longer delays could signify an issue with the clutch. You might find that the clutch does not engage or disengage properly.

Solution: Taking apart the clutch is the main way to fix this issue. You will need to check whether the springs are worn out. Additionally, the master cylinder could also have some wear and tear. The presence of air in the fluid channels might also be the issue. You should check to see what the issue is before you make the expensive choice of replacing the clutch plate.

4. Gears Slipping

gear lever
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Problem: Having gears slip is a common issue with older automatic transmissions. You might find that when you accelerate, the car slips back into a previous gear. A damaged shift fork is the most common reason for this issue. The fork might not move properly between the different gears and this could result in gear slipping.

Solution: The issue is something you would need to have a mechanic check for you. While you could fix it at home, it is often hard to pick up by the untrained eye. If you do not deal with the issue, you could be running into additional issues. Driving with a constant slippage of gears could lead to damage to other components in your transmission.

5. Overheating Transmission Fluid

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Problem: In rare situations, you might find that your transmission fluid overheats and you have a burning smell coming from the engine. Since the transmission fluid cools down the heat generated by friction and rotation, it might cause a burning sensation. The problem is often caused by low transmission fluid in the car.

Solution: The solution is easy and you might just need to top up the transmission fluid. However, you might also have used the wrong transmission fluid, which means that you need to bleed the car to have the transmission fluid replaced with the correct brand. Fortunately, you can do all of this at home.


What Does A Failing Renault Megane Gearbox Sound Like?

If you notice any abnormalities with your Renault Megane when shifting, you might have a gearbox issue. If these issues are left without fixing, you might begin to hear abnormal sounds like humming, clunking, and whining from the gearbox. Once you have reached this point, it is best to have a professional investigate the possible gearbox issues on your car.

Can You Drive A Renault Megane With A Slipping Clutch?

One of the minor issues with the Renault Megane is the slipping clutch issue. Many people might be tempted to continue driving their vehicle with the slipping clutch issue. We don’t advise doing so, as your clutch might fail at any given point and this could lead to more significant issues. Once you notice the clutch slipping, you must consider repairing it as soon as possible.