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Renault Megane Engine Noise Problem: What Are The Causes?

Renault MEGANE engine noises

Renault Megane Engine Noise Problem: What Are The Causes?

A car is made of multiple parts that help it run. Even if the vehicle is a high-quality one, parts are bound to fail after a while, especially if you’ve purchased a second-hand car or if you did not take proper care of the automobile. Therefore, the Renault Megane can also have this fate, and it may start making strange noises that signal a problem.

A Renault Megane engine noise problem can be caused by many things. It could be the result of a worn-out or loose serpentine belt, low oil levels, worn-out clutch, wrong octane fuel in the car’s system, damaged knock sensor, or an oil or coolant leak. The noises you hear may be different depending on the problem your car is experiencing.

So, why did your Renault Megane’s engine suddenly start making noises? Let’s find out.

Whining Renault Megane Engine Noise

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Many people who own Renault Megane cars have reported hearing whining noises and noticing that the engine vibrates. This is especially reported when it is cold.

Usually, this could be a direct result of a vibrating inlet pipe, but it may also mean that you are dealing with a broken fuel pipe. The pipe then starts rubbing against the aircon pipes, causing the sounds. The good news is that you can easily fix this by making some replacements.

Loud Banging Noises

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Photo by Pexels

Loud banging noises coming from the engine of a Renault Megane can make you panic. After all, nobody expects to hear sudden bangs while they are driving somewhere, especially if they’ve never experienced such issues before.

Well, this noise is usually caused by fuel that was not burned in the combustion chamber and ends up escaping. The fuel combusts in the exhaust after leaving the combustion chamber, and this makes it too lean or rich. It will then result in what is known as a backfire.

You must fix this issue or call a mechanic who knows how to solve the problem. Without doing so, your engine may only get damaged further.

Knocking Noises

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Photo by Pexels

This sound is quite distinctive. It is not as loud as the banging noises you hear when the fuel escapes from the combustion chamber, but it is loud enough to make you startled. Not to mention that the sounds usually occur when you are driving, which can put you in a panic mode.

When this happens in your Renault Megane, it is likely the result of the air and fuel mixture in one of the car’s cylinders detonating at several locations at the same time. Perhaps you added the wrong octane fuel into the vehicle’s system, so it would make sense that this issue occurs.

But other things could also cause this sound in your Megane. You may be dealing with a damaged engine knock sensor, poor timing, or a lean fuel and air mixture.

When you hear knocking noises in the Renault model and you discover that one of the listed issues is causing it, you should take action as soon as possible. Replace the damaged knock sensor, put the right octane fuel into the system, or do the proper reparations with the help of a mechanic.

Grinding Noises

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Photo by Pixabay

When the Renault Megane’s engine is making grinding noises, it could be the result of worn-out bearings or a worn-out clutch. To find out which one is the culprit, take note of when the Renault Megane engine noise problem occurs.

Is it while you are driving or idling? Then you have worn-out bearings. Can you hear it when you are shifting or when you are taking a turn? The clutch is most likely worn out, or you may be dealing with a bad CV joint. Also, if this happens with the brakes, then the pads may be the ones that are worn down.

The good news is that you can simply replace the car’s bearings or the clutch. However, you should consider taking the vehicle to a local service shop to get high-quality services and make sure your engine gets the proper fix.

Clicking or Tapping Noises

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Photo by Unsplash

Clicking or tapping noises coming from your Renault Megane’s engine could be because of the low oil level. What’s good about this is that you can very easily diagnose this problem and fix it.

Use a dipstick and check the oil level. If it’s low, you can simply add more oil and solve the issue.

But you may also want to see why the oil is low. Did you forget to add more oil for an extended period, or are you dealing with a more serious issue like a leak? Check for leaks and if any are discovered, you should fix them as soon as possible.


Diagnosing a Renault Megane engine noise problem can be quite tricky unless you know what issues could cause specific noises. It may also be difficult to check for the problem yourself.

Therefore, if you hear specific noises like tapping, clicking, grinding, whining, or knocking, you should have a mechanic check Megane’s engine as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to solve the engine problems, or else you may cause more damage to your car and put your life in danger too.


What causes excessive engine noises in a Renault Megane?

Noise in a Renault Megane engine could be caused by many things. It may be caused by low oil levels, improper timing, improper octane, damaged clutch or bearings, lean air/fuel ratio, etc. You can diagnose the problem based on the type of noise you hear and by checking the engine. A mechanic may be better qualified for this.

What engine noises in a Renault Megane are normal?

Although some noises are cause for concern in a Renault Megane, some noises are normal, such as jet sounds. Your Megane’s engine may be louder while you are revving and you may hear it sounding like jets. Some slight clicking or humming sounds may also be heard and are normal.