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  7. Renault Clio Engine Problems: 7 Signs To Be Worried

Renault Clio Engine Problems: 7 Signs To Be Worried

Renault Clio Engine Problems

Renault Clio Engine Problems: 7 Signs To Be Worried

If something small is what you are looking for, the Renault Clio could be the perfect vehicle for you. The French manufacturer has built a reputation for designing affordable vehicles that do not burn your pocket on gasoline. However, you must look at some of the common Renault Clio Engine Problems you could run into.

If you consider the reliability index, the most common issue reported with the Renault Clio is not engine-related at all. The most prominent issues with these vehicles have been problems with the suspension and electrical faults that could happen. You should be wary of any uncommon sounds and make sure the electrical display works.

While these issues are not related to the engine, there are a few issues that stem from the engine. If you want to buy a Renault Clio, you must have a look at some of these issues that you could potentially fix before they get worse. This article aims to identify some of these common issues.

7 Most Common Renault Clio Engine Problems

Even though the Renault Clio has been recalled several times for various minor issues, these do not pertain to the engine. Whilst doing research and checking out the feedback from other drivers, it is worth noting that most engine issues come from older vehicles or used vehicles. However, here are some of the common Renault Clio Engine Problems:

Engine Noise And Rattling

engine bay
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: As your vehicle becomes older, one of the common issues that many Renault Clio owners have to deal with is a noisy engine with some rattling. It could lead to your vehicle running poorly, with the occasional misfire. The main reason for this is a defective timing belt, which usually lasts around 5 years in your Renault.

Solution: To fix this, you will need to replace the timing belt, but this could be a frustrating and tedious process. You should have your dealership or mechanic assist you if you don’t have the tools at home. For this job, you will need a crankshaft locking pin and crankshaft alignment ruler. Not everyone has one of these, which makes your mechanic the best and cheapest option.

Couching Or Spluttering When Idling

jump leads connected to battery
Photo by Pixabay

Problems: The Renault Clio ECU is responsible for regulating the engine and all the fluids that need to reach their destination. Should the ECU begin to give issues, you might hear a frustrating noise when it comes to idling. A coughing or spluttering noise can often be heard with some of these vehicles when idling.

Solution: Fortunately, this is one of the cheaper fixes and unless something else is wrong, you often don’t have to pay. You will need to take your vehicle to your local Renault dealership and have them reprogram the ECU. Once done, the idling issues should be resolved and your vehicle should not have the same noises when idling.

Engine Cutting Out

the engine
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: When dealing with an engine that cuts out, it can often be daunting. There are so many different reasons that could be causing this and it often happens in some of the older vehicles. A faulty ignition coil is the main cause of this issue in many Renault Clios. While there are other causes, this could be the first place for you to start your search.

Solution: Once again, the issue might stem from various reasons, but your ignition coil could be the main reason. Fortunately, you can replace your ignition coil at home to see if it is the cause. If this is not the cause, you might need to visit a mechanic to find out if something else is broken, which might be more severe.

ABS Sensor Issues

brake discs
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: If your ABS light is constantly lighting up the dashboard, you could be dealing with an ABS sensor issue. The sensor issue is one of the more prominent problems, but can only refer to an issue with the sensor. If the issue is accompanied by a pulsating or vibrating feeling when you press down on the brake, it could be something more severe.

Solution: With all the electronics and technical features in these modern vehicles, it is often better to simply visit your mechanic. If it is a persisting sensor issue, the sensor will need to be replaced. However, you will also need your mechanics if the issue is related to ABS braking. It could be daunting to drive without ABS braking and even dangerous.

Unresponsive Accelerator

Photo by Pixabay

Problem: Another occasional issue that many Renault Clio owners have to deal with is an unresponsive accelerator. You might find that the vehicle does not move forward in a smooth motion, and this could be due to a faulty sensor that connects the accelerator to the engine. The issue is commonly reported by those in the urban area dealing with traffic and a constant stop-start motion.

Solution: This is one of the issues you want to have checked out as soon as possible. Constantly driving with this stop-start motion could damage other issues. One of the causes could be a bump to the vehicle or simply worn-out components. Fortunately, you can replace the sensor if it is an issue to have control over the forward motion of your car.

Suspension Fault

clio drifting around a corner
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: As mentioned, the suspension could be one of the main things that cause you issues, and even when you are test driving your vehicle, you need to make a point of looking at the suspension. If you have to deal with bumpy roads, you will notice that the car bounces abnormally and does not come back to a neutral position as soon as you stop.

You might be dealing with a fissure or break in the suspension, which could happen on either side of the vehicle. A simple test could be putting some pressure on the bonnet and seeing how many bounces it takes the car to return to neutral.

Solution: The suspension issue is something that Renault has noted in some of their vehicles, and it is also the reason for one of the recalls in recent years. The best thing you can do is visit your mechanic, and if your vehicle is under warranty, they should fix or replace it. Replacing the suspension could be a daunting task on your own.

The Dreaded Gearbox Issue

changing gears
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: While the gearbox issue in some of the newer models has been resolved, the Renault Clio did suffer from prominent gearbox issues with models launched between 2005 and 2006. The issue would revolve around the automatic transmission switching to manual mode or third gear. This can hamper the driving ability of the vehicle.

Solution: While most of these vehicles have been fixed or recalled from the market, you might still find yourself buying a used version with these issues. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest to fix, and it is related to an internal sensor issue in the gearbox. It is best to visit your dealership or to make sure the vehicle does not have this issue when taking it for a test drive.


a blue Renault clio
Photo By Pixabay

Does The Renault Clio Have Reliability Issues?

While some of the newer models are much more reliable than their older counterparts, a Telegraph survey in 2017 placed it 14th out of 20 vehicles in terms of reliability. They also noted that users had around 116 problems per 100 Renault vehicles. Keep in mind that these statistics refer to all Renault models during the time.

Can I Fix My Renault Clio At Home?

It all depends on the possible issues you are dealing with, but most Renault Clio issues are related to electronics. Many mechanics have hands-on experience with practical components, but having the software to reset the ECU is not that common. Taking your vehicle to the dealership is often the best way to resolve some of these issues.

How Do I Update My Renault Clio Sat Nav

Occasionally, you will have to update the Sat Nav on your Renault Clio. Once again, this can be done at the dealership, but it tends to be rather expensive. You can do this at home by downloading the toolbox on a USB drive and saving the navigation data. Once done, you can plug it into your Clio and have the update uploaded on the internal computer.

Is The Renault Clio A Safe Vehicle?

Even with some big issues that often plague the reputation of the Renault Clio, it is still one of the safest vehicles you can potentially drive. The newer models are becoming increasingly safer with the new smart cockpit. The vehicles have also garnered a 5-star safety driving rating, especially the newer models like the Renault Clio V.