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6 Common Renault Megane Clutch Problems & How To Solve Them

2008 Renault Megane

6 Common Renault Megane Clutch Problems & How To Solve Them

Renault Megane car models are very stylish, which is one of the reasons why so many people decide to get them. The vehicles are gorgeous and well-equipped, but also quiet in most cases. However, they are not immune to various issues, as some people have reported Renault Megane clutch problems.

Some of the most common clutch issues in a Renault Megane include a burning smell, hard time shifting gears, a slipping clutch, or a hard pedal. Sometimes, the clutch cable is the culprit, while in other cases, the whole gearbox is causing the clutch problems. In any case, the issues should be solved as soon as possible to prevent any more damage.

This article will look into the most common issues with the Renault Megane clutch and how to solve them.

Slipping Clutch

car clutch
Photo by Pixabay

A slipping pedal is one of the most common signs that your Renault Megane’s clutch is experiencing some issues. This is most noticeable when you press the accelerator.

When doing so, the engine may climb in the turns but the Renault Megane may simultaneously drag the leg. As a result, the clutch will slip. This is a loss of power that may be caused by a malfunction of the clutch.

This is a very serious issue and you should reach out to a mechanic as soon as possible. Waiting can only lead to bigger malfunctions that will make your car unusable.

Spongy or Soft Clutch Pedal

car pedals
Photo by Pixabay

If the clutch is failing, then you may notice that it feels spongy or soft when you try to press down on it. This will be most noticeable if you are engaging the clutch when driving. You know how it should normally feel, so if something’s different, you will be aware of it very quickly.

Since driving like this can be distracting and put you at risk, it’s recommended to repair the faulty clutch or replace it. Ideally, you should take the car to a professional who will be able to make the best recommendations for reparations or replacements.

Hard Pedal

clutch problems
Photo by Unsplash

When the pedal of your Renault Megane is hard, this may be caused by a frayed clutch cable. The clutch springs may also be the culprits.

If the clutch cable is frayed, you can only change the cable with a new one. But if the clutch springs are the ones causing the problem, changing the whole clutch kit will be a better idea. The chances are that your mechanic will recommend this option anyways. Always reach out to a mechanic to diagnose this issue and receive the best advice on what to do.

Strange Noises

Renault Megane Grand Tour 2008
Photo by Wikimedia

Noises are some of the most common signs of Renault Megane clutch problems. If there are certain parts in a clutch that are malfunctioning, then it is not a surprise to hear some strange noises coming from it.

Most of the time, the noises are caused by a component that got loose and is hitting other parts. In other cases, the noise occurs as a result of certain parts sticking together and then pulling apart.

The noise may be accompanied by other symptoms – such as a stuck clutch – that will signal a failing clutch. In any case, the best course of action will be to schedule an appointment with a mechanic to repair or replace the faulty parts, depending on the situation.

Burning Smell

pedals inside a car
Photo by Unsplash

When a clutch is failing, you may even feel a burning smell. The odor is caused by the friction from the slipping clutch. It will be an unmistakable smell, and you will quickly be able to tell that something is wrong.

If you are qualified, you can check your vehicle to find the issue. However, it’s best to do everything in the presence of a mechanic, who will find the exact problem and will help you solve it, making the car usable again.

Unable to Shift Gears

gear stick
Photo by Pixabay

Being unable to shift gears is one of the most frustrating things that could happen when you’re driving your Renault Megane. Now, this could be caused by the gearbox too, but considering it is linked to the clutch, there is always a chance that the latter might be the problem.

So, check whether the clutch is worn. If it is, you should replace it. Meanwhile, if the gearbox is causing the malfunction, you should drain the oil and either repair the gearbox or replace it.


Renault Megane clutch problems will make your driving experience less pleasant and may even put you in danger. Therefore, it is important to solve them as soon as you can. When you detect an issue, take the vehicle to a qualified professional for proper reparations or replacements.


How long will the clutch last on a Renault Megane?

Most Renault Megane clutches are made to last about 60,000 miles. Once they reach the limit, they must be replaced. However, the life of a Renault Megane clutch can also be influenced by your driving habits. If you want it to last longer, you should put less stress on the clutch.

Is it worth replacing the clutch on a Renault Megane?

Replacing the clutch on a Renault Megane is worth it, especially if it’s malfunctioning. The clutch is an integral part of your vehicle, as the engine is unable to distribute power to the wheels without it. This means you would not be able to drive your vehicle. You should always be ready to invest in a new clutch when necessary.

How much will it cost to replace the clutch on my Renault Megane?

You can expect to pay quite a large sum of money when replacing a Renault Megane clutch. Prices may range between $900 and $1,800 and will always be influenced by the Megane model you own, as well as the shop you are going to. Independent auto repair shops are usually less expensive than dealerships.