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Renault Megane Won’t Start: What Are The Causes?

Renault Mégane

Renault Megane Won’t Start: What Are The Causes?

The Renault Megane is a car with a very fine design and is very comfortable. Despite being a generally reliable vehicle, it’s a machine full of different parts, so it’s not unusual for one or more of them to fail after a while, causing the car to stop functioning.

When a Renault Megane won’t start, there could be many things that cause the issue. It could be the result of a clogged fuel filter, failure of the fuel pump, malfunctioning alternator, broken starter motor, weak key fob battery, or a corroded or weak battery. Ideally, any of these issues should be taken care of as soon as possible.

If your Renault Megane suddenly won’t start, take a look at the following potential reasons so you can diagnose the issue.

Clogged Fuel Filter

fueling car
Photo by Unsplash

Over time, the fuel filter of the Renault Megane may get clogged. Airborne particles and dirt can be a real issue in this case, as they are the ones making the filter clog as time passes by.

As a result, both the fuel pressure and permeability of the filter decrease, but what is truly an issue is the fact that the engine becomes unable to work at its full capacity. The car may not even start anymore after a while, which can be a frustrating issue when you need to use your car.

Sadly, you cannot clean it, so you will have to replace the filter in order to get rid of this problem.

A Weak Battery

car engine
Photo by Pixabay

A weak or dead 12v battery is often the reason why a Renault Megane will not start, especially if the engine cranks very slowly or doesn’t crank at all. In order to find out whether this is what prevents your car from starting, you should do a test of the battery voltage. This will check the level of acid and the voltage between the battery poles, and will also see the starter battery’s condition.

Using a multimeter will help you determine the voltage of the battery. If the value is either below 11.5 volts or above 14 volts, you will need an expert to assess the car battery’s condition.

Also, if the battery is dead, you may want to jump-start it with a healthy battery from a different vehicle and jumper cables. If you can bring one, you should also consider a battery booster.

Keep in mind that if the battery has been installed recently, it may not have reached its full capacity just yet, but this is no cause for concern. It takes some time for new batteries to develop their full capacity, so wait a bit longer.

Corroded Battery

open hood of a car
Photo by Pexels

Another battery problem that may affect the Renault Megane is corrosion. When the contacts of the car battery are corroded, there will be a reduction in current flow and contact loss. Therefore, the engine cannot properly start anymore.

You must check the contacts of the battery and look for corrosion. If you notice it, all you have to do is clean them and the car will start again. Remove the black cable from the negative pole first and then remove the red positive pole cable. Clean the corrosion and then connect the terminals back.

Bad Alternator

fixing vehicle
Photo by Unsplash

When a Renault Megane won’t start, a defective alternator could also be the culprit. The alternator is the generator responsible for producing electricity, so if it dies, it won’t manage to produce the electricity necessary for your battery to charge. If the alternator is the cause and you change the battery with a new one, what will happen is that your battery will drain soon and your engine won’t start.

Although it is rare for an alternator to fail, it could happen, especially after 200,000 – 300,000 miles. How you use the alternator will also influence how quickly it breaks down.

If you discovered that the alternator is causing your Renault Megane to not start, you should replace it with a new one.

Broken Starter Motor

engine starter motor
Photo by Pixabay

Dealing with a broken starter motor can be very frustrating because there is generally nothing you can do to repair it if it’s dead and prevents your Megane from starting.

Most of the time, a starter motor will last about 100,000 – 150,000 miles. If you use the vehicle a lot and start the engine more often, the life of the starter motor decreases. Once the starter motor breaks, your Renault Megane will be unable to start.

To diagnose this issue, you should turn the key to start the Renault Megane’s engine. If a clicking sound can be heard, it points to a faulty starter motor. Another way to tell if the starter is the issue is by trying to start the motor with a healthy battery. The starter is the culprit if it doesn’t start even with a good battery.

Replace the starter motor with a new one if it fails.


If your Renault Megane won’t start, it’s time to start investigating the issue and see what could be causing the problem. It could be the starter motor, the battery, or a clogged fuel filter. But if you can’t seem to detect the issue, you should consider going to a mechanic for help.


Why does my Renault Megane not start?

Many things could prevent a Renault Megane from starting, such as a corroded battery, weak or dead battery, broken starter, empty gas tank, bad alternator, dead key fob battery, blown fuse, and many others. The problem can be diagnosed by doing a few checks of the vehicle’s parts.

How can I replace my Renault Megane’s starter motor?

To replace a faulty starter motor with a new one, you will have to jack up the vehicle, locate your starter, remove the old starter and bolts, then compare the new starter to the old one. Next, you will have to transfer the heat shield, after which you can simply place the new starter in and insert the starter mounting bolts. A mechanic can help you.

How much will it cost to replace the Megane’s starter motor?

Replacing the starter motor of the Renault Megane could cost between $50 and $350 if you pay for the starter and install it yourself. But if you want a mechanic to install it, you can expect to pay between $150 and $1,450, depending on the mechanic. If you find the starter issues early enough, you could enjoy some lower prices.