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Top 5 Renault Clio Gearbox Problems and How to Fix Them

Renault Clio

Top 5 Renault Clio Gearbox Problems and How to Fix Them

The Renault Clio is perhaps one of the most popular models from the French brand. People love it because it is a visually appealing car that comes for a reasonable price. However, over the years, some have reported Renault Clio gearbox problems, without knowing the causes for these issues.

When a Renault Clio has problems with the gearbox, the drivers may experience automatic gearbox slippage problems. They may also feel jerks when slowing down or accelerating. In this case, they might find a leak or that a report from the automatic gearbox doesn’t work or jump anymore. Luckily, all sensor, coupling, and slippage problems as well as the oil leaks can be fixed.

It’s best to detect these issues early on so you can fix them before things get even worse. This article will give you some common Renault Clio gearbox issues and solutions for them.

How Gearboxes Work on Renault Clio Cars

Renault Clio vehicle
Photo by Wikimedia

When someone duplicates or transmits engine rotations to the vehicle’s wheels, it has to go through the transmission. The transmission has connections to the car’s gearbox. As such, whenever you want to brake your vehicle, slow down, or speed up, you have to shift gears. Therefore, pressing the clutch pedal is necessary for detaching the car’s flywheel from its gearbox.

Over time, though, gearboxes start malfunctioning, especially as they get older or if you use them for extended periods. The durability of the gearbox will be different from one Clio model to another. However, if you don’t take care of the issue immediately, it won’t take long until the gearbox will be damaged beyond repair.

Automatic Transmission Styles in Renault Clio Cars

Back of Renault Clio vehicle
Photo by Wikimedia

Nowadays, a gearbox doesn’t have to prove its strength anymore. Many Clio models come with automatic gearboxes. You do not have to manually make gear changes anymore, as they are all mechanically and electronically controlled. As a result, the gearbox components are supposed to be more qualitative compared to those of manual gearboxes.

But there are different types of automatic gearboxes in a Renault Clio car. Each one has a certain level of durability. Therefore, knowing your car’s gearbox type may help you identify specific problems faster. Here are the different styles of gearboxes in a Renault Clio:

  • Robotized Automatic Gearbox – This gearbox is a manual one, and it uses a mechanism that can replace the usual movements that a driver would make. Most of the time, these gearboxes are very slow – thus, they are not as common as the others. Not to mention that during the declarative phases, they may also cause jerks.
  • Classic Automatic Gearbox – Classic automatic gearboxes represent quite an old technology. They have a torque converter, which can ensure gear shifts. Over the last few decades, this technology has evolved considerably. Nowadays, it has better gear change management and more speeds.
  • Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission – These gearboxes are also pretty slow and they do not respond that well to acceleration. There is a variator that can control the differences between the engine’s rotational speed and acceleration, a mechanism that is similar to that of scooters.
  • Automatic Gearbox with Double Clutch – With a gearbox like this, you will not feel any consumption increase or a lack of problems reactivity. It works similarly to robotic gearboxes when it comes to the double-clutch.

Top 5 Renault Clio Gearbox Problems and Solutions

car gearbox
Photo by Unsplash

Many Renault Clio owners report the same Renault Clio gearbox problems, but they do not always know what to do to fix them. Still, the sooner the vehicle’s owner takes action, the higher the chances of preventing further damage become.

Here are the biggest problems that people experience with Renault Clio gearboxes:

Automatic Gearbox Slippage Problem

car gearbox
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: If you’ve read the above paragraphs carefully, perhaps you noticed a pattern in the automatic gearboxes: some of them are very slow, and even when accelerating, they have some sort of inertia. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you use your car daily.

Usually, this problem arises only when you are starting your car, but it can also happen more frequently when the car is in motion and you are switching gears. However, in some cases, the sensation may occur way too often, which means that the converter or the clutch has issues.

Solution: When your Renault Clio has slippage problems, the culprit tends to be a faulty clutch disc. As such, you must change the clutch. Sadly, not all cars will allow you to do this, as some Clio models will require a full gearbox replacement to solve the issue. This instantly requires more money out of your wallet.

Jerks During Acceleration or When Slowing Down

gearbox of a car
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: Sometimes, the driver of a Renault Clio will feel jerks when slowing down the car or accelerating. There are two reasons why this might happen: the oil may be too old already, which means it cannot lubricate the gearbox’s mechanisms anymore, or the sensor is faulty and doesn’t give accurate data.

Solution: A faulty sensor will have to be replaced. The replacement is necessary no matter what type of sensor your gearbox has. Unfortunately, sensors cannot be repaired – so, there is no way to save your old one.

For a replacement, you may need to spend between 100 and a few hundred euros or dollars. It all depends on how difficult it is to access the sensor that needs to be replaced.

A Report from the Gearbox Doesn’t Work or Jump Anymore

vehicle’s gearbox
Photo by Pexels

Problem: In some cases, the gears don’t jump or shift anymore in a Renault Clio. This points to one of the parts of the gear, which most likely is the reason behind the failure.

For example, a sensor speed or engine speed is malfunctioning, which means that it sends incorrect data to the gearbox. Another cause may be the solenoid, which helps change from one gear to a different one. This piece may be broken.

Solution: If it’s the sensor causing the problem, you will need to replace it. If it’s a coupling issue instead, you will have to empty the gearbox completely to be able to get some comfort and preserve the gears.

Oil Leaks

automobile gearbox
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: Since oil is required to keep the gearbox working properly, oil leaks are not uncommon. When the Renault Clio’s gearbox is leaking, the chances are that one of its oil seals is not in the best condition. It’s crucial to find where the oil leaks from to give a dull diagnosis.

Solution: To solve this problem, you must find the source of the leak. If you discover any seal that is not in its best condition, you must replace it immediately. It’s easy to change the seal, but if you must also make reparations, you should not do it by yourself.

This is because gearbox reparations are not as easy as they may seem. Reaching out to a professional is a much better option.

Electronic Problems

automatic gearbox
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: In some rare cases, the gearbox may have issues related to its electronic parts or the pressure. It can be difficult to determine if this is indeed the problem, though.

Solution: Go to an auto repairer as soon as possible. This is a more complex problem that requires professional intervention, so refrain from doing something yourself as you may end up making things worse.


Many Renault Clio gearbox problems are caused by a faulty sensor, clutch disc, oil leak, or the electronic system. Sometimes, small fixes or replacements are enough to solve the issue, but in other situations, you may need to replace the entire gearbox. Ask the professionals for help as they will know exactly how to diagnose and solve the issue.


How much does it cost to replace the gearbox in a Renault Clio?

Replacing the gearbox in a Renault Clio is extremely labor intensive and can cost anywhere between $1100 to $1600 at a local garage. At the main dealership, you should expect to pay at least double this.

How can you diagnose a gearbox issue?

Gearbox issues can be easily determined by certain issues with your vehicle. Some include gears slipping, noises, low or leaking fluid, lack of response or engagement when the car is in gear, shaking or grinding sensation when in gear, or a burning smell.

How reliable are Renault Clio cars?

Despite their issues, Renault Clio vehicles are very reliable and safe cars. The latest models, in particular, are well-made and durable.

Is it expensive to repair a Renault Clio?

How much you have to pay for Renault Clio reparations will depend on the problem. Gearbox issues such as small replacements or fixes may cost more than one hundred dollars but replacing the whole gearbox may be even pricier.