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Why Is My Hyundai Accent AC Light Blinking? 6 Possible Reasons

Hyundai Accent AC Light Blinking

Why Is My Hyundai Accent AC Light Blinking? 6 Possible Reasons

The Hyundai Accent has done well as a common man’s car. It is fuel-efficient, spacious, user-friendly, and quite comfortable. It is known to be reliable as well, but that doesn’t mean that it is free from problems. The Accent has been known for its battery and clutch problems among others.

One of the lesser talked about issues is the Hyundai Accent AC light blinking.

There are a number of reasons for the Hyundai Accent blinking AC light. You could have low refrigerant levels, and detached connections; the AC belt or its tensioner could also go bad.

Apart from random electrical problems, other possible reasons for the blinking light include a damaged AC pressure switch or clutch relay.  

You’re recommended to head to a mechanic/electrician to have the problem sorted out. But before that, you should look at the possible problems listed below:

Bad Connection(s)

check fuse box
Image by howardmizuki from Pixabay

This may be the simplest problem on this list. The connections to your Accent’s AC can get loose over time due to the repetitive vibrations that they experience. A simple bump is enough to completely detach a wire or two. Chances of this are less, but it could even be a loose LED or bulb that’s blinking.

Symptoms: The AC light will flicker randomly and the flow from the car’s AC will also cut out at times.  

Solution: You need to remove the AC panel and observe for any loose or detached connections. Make sure that they’re all attached; if they are, then you may have to diagnose the issue for something else.

Cost: Checking for bad connections yourself won’t cost you anything and having one fixed will probably have a negligible cost as well.

Compressor Problems

Image by itspowerex from Pixabay

These issues are some of the most common reasons for the Hyundai Accent AC light blinking. The compressor’s clutch can go out, which means that the refrigerant won’t be compressed. Another compressor issue is when its sensor, aka the lock-up sensor, gets fried.  

Symptoms: One of the signs of a bad compressor clutch is when you experience high temperatures in the cabin. Another one is when the clutch refuses to engage (no clicking sound on turning on the AC). Meanwhile, a bad sensor provides you with insufficient cooling and/or a fluctuating AC temperature.

Solution: Thankfully you won’t have to replace the entire compressor. You’ll just have to replace the part that’s not working.

Cost: The price of the clutch setup itself starts from about $30, while the sensor is priced at around $20. However, you should prepare to pay a lot more in labor costs.

AC Belt Issue

Hyundai Accent AC belt
Image by Checkoff from Pixabay

Your Accent’s AC belt is a rather primitive but important component of the aircon system. This is responsible for the compressor turning on. It can wear out after a time and this will adversely affect your air conditioning system.

Symptoms: The major sign of a worn-out AC belt is a squealing sound. This belt is also connected to the power steering setup; hence the steering will also be negatively affected if it completely breaks. And of course, the AC won’t function as well.

Solution: In order to fix this issue, you’ll have to replace your AC belt.

Cost: The cost of replacing the AC belt on your Hyundai Accent shouldn’t be more than $115.

Bad AC Belt Tensioner

ac belt tension
Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Your belt may not be the culprit for the blinking AC light, it could just be its tensioner pulley. When this weakens, the compressor clutch will cease to work properly. A loose tensioner can loosen up the AC belt while a tight one can wear it out quicker.

Symptoms: Its symptoms include squealing and/or grinding sounds on startup. There can also be accelerated signs of wear and tear on the AC belt. The compressor will also fail if you don’t get the tensioner diagnosed.

Solution: You should first check if the tensioner is properly installed. If it is and there’s damage on it, then you should have it replaced before it damages one of its driven components.

Cost: The parts cost in the $30-65 range but the labor costs for replacement may be at least $250.

Low Refrigerant/Freon Levels

checking car refrigant levels
Photo by Kate Ibragimova on Unsplash

The Hyundai Accent AC light blinking can also be attributed to a decrease in refrigerant levels. This is one of the most important fluids in your car as it is the working fluid for the AC. It is what helps keep your car cool as it takes all the heat out of it.

Symptoms: Yes, you’ll experience warm air from your Accents air vents. A major sign is that the car will leak refrigerant. You’ll see spots of a thin, yet greasy substance beneath the car’s cabin when it’s parked. Lastly, the aforementioned AC compressor’s clutch may stop engaging.

Solution: You’ll have to identify any leaks before filling the car’s refrigerant levels up to par. The whole process is known as an AC recharge.

Cost: It will cost you a maximum of $150 to have your AC recharged.

Miscellaneous Reasons

interior ac unit
Image by NoobInNature NIN from Pixabay

Other reasons for the Hyundai Accent AC light blinking include a malfunctioning AC pressure switch or a faulty AC clutch relay. You also cannot count out random electrical issues.

Symptoms: A bad pressure switch will make clicking noises and it can even cause the AC to stop working. Meanwhile, a bad relay will lead to an inconsistent or dropped AC performance.

Solution: You can try to reset the pressure switch in case it has tripped. A relay on the other hand has to be replaced.

Cost: Replacing a bad switch can be pricey as it’ll set you back by at least $250-300. An AC compressor relay is cheaper and it will cost you at least $100, including parts.

In Conclusion – Hyundai Accent AC Light Blinking

These were some of the most probable causes for your Accent’s AC light blinking. In some cases, such as the AC belt, you shouldn’t wait to get the issue fixed. This is because it can lead to other components malfunctioning.


What refrigerant does Hyundai use?

Hyundai started using R1234yf freon in 2020. It is very friendly to the environment, but it hasn’t been used for very long. Hence, you’ll find R134a refrigerant being used on most Hyundai cars by their drivers.

How do you recharge the AC on a Hyundai Accent?

To recharge the AC on your Hyundai Accent all you need is a refrigerant recharge kit. Locate the low-pressure AC service port on your engine. Then you should start the car and turn on the AC. Attach the connector from the kit to the port. Add the freon to your AC system and observe the pressure on the gauge until it becomes normal.