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Nissan X-Trail Engine Problems

8 Engine Problems in the Nissan X-Trail

Buying a secondhand car can be a tricky affair. Everything can seem normal in the beginning. However, there might be problems that develop over time. Some of these problems can be seen in cars bought for the first time too. That is why we made this post about the engine problems that are faced in the Nissan X-Trail. It is important to check for these issues and have...


5 Causes for the Engine Light in Nissan Frontier

The engine light of the Nissan Frontier can signify various problems of different severities. Most of these problems are relatively harmless. These problems range from exhaust system issues, fuel and air metering concerns, ignition system problems, and even something as silly as a loose gas cap. To make the MIL go away, you need to fix the problem that is causing it...

is nissan micra a good first car featured

Is The Nissan Micra A Good First Car? Pros & Cons

So you’ve finally gotten your driver’s license and are ready to hit the open road. But what car should you get? The Nissan Micra is highly recommended if you’re looking for a first car. Firstly, the price is very affordable. Starting at under $10,000, the Micra is one of the most affordable cars on the market. Secondly, the Micra has a 5-star safety...

nissan sentra overheating issues featured

Nissan Sentra Overheating Issue: 4 Common Causes & Solutions

The Nissan Sentra is a vehicle known for its affordability and fuel efficiency. However, there have been reports of some Sentra models experiencing issues. Overheating is one of the most common and potentially serious problems that can crop up. The main complaint Sentra owners have is a faulty thermostat. As well as causing the engine to overheat, this may result in...

nissan juke won't start clicking noise

Why Your Nissan Juke Won’t Start & Makes Clicking Noise

Have you ever gone to start your car, only to hear a clicking noise? If you own a Nissan Juke, chances are you’ve experienced this problem firsthand. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. If you own a Nissan Juke that won’t start and makes a clicking noise, there are a few possible explanations. It could...

common faults nissan wingroad featured

Nissan Wingroad: 7 Common Faults To Be Aware Of

The Nissan Wingroad is a stylish and versatile wagon that was first introduced in Japan in 1999. It quickly became popular for its spacious interior and its ability to handle light off-road driving. In recent years, the Wingroad has been updated with a new engine and transmission and features such as heated seats and satellite navigation. However, as with all cars...

nissan error code p0420 featured

Nissan Error Code P0420: Symptoms, Causes, & Fixes

Nissan cars in America have surged in popularity recently, with the company selling over a million vehicles per year. However, like all cars, Nissans are not immune to issues. One common issue that owners may face is the P0420 error code. If you’re driving a Nissan car, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the P0420 error code. This code signifies that...

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

The compact SUV space is a very competitive market, and the Nissan Rogue distinguishes itself with its acute style, great handling, and handy practicality. However, the car is also riddled with problems. Many people assume that the Rogue’s biggest problems come by way of its transmission. However, the Rogue also has some serious issues in the battery department...

nissan rogue transmission problems

4 Nissan Rogue Transmission Problems & How To Avoid Them

The Nissan Rogue is a great SUV. It features excellent handling, a balanced ride as well as a stylish and well-equipped interior. However, the Rogue has one glaring defect- its transmission. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Nissan Rogue’s transmission problems, as well as potential fixes and solutions. Let’s take a look, shall we...