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Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems & Solutions

The compact SUV space is a very competitive market, and the Nissan Rogue distinguishes itself with its acute style, great handling, and handy practicality. However, the car is also riddled with problems. Many people assume that the Rogue’s biggest problems come by way of its transmission. However, the Rogue also has some serious issues in the battery department. In this article, we’ll explore the top Nissan Rogue battery problems, and what you can do to fix them. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Nissan Rogue uses a 35-2 battery, which is a fairly standard size across most compact SUVs. When working optimally, the battery is simply perfect for everyday use. This battery will last each Rogue around 5 years, depending on weather conditions and use.

However, many drivers have reported that the battery has failed before this time, because of the problems it possesses. The battery is more susceptible to damage than competitor models and will need fixing or replacing a whole lot sooner. For instance, one driver reported that his Rogue battery died within 2 months!

So, what causes these problems and what do they look like?

How do I know my Battery is Damaged?

jump leads connected to battery
Photo by Unsplash

If your Nissan Rogue is displaying any of these signs, it’s a good indicator that your battery is damaged:

  1. Car battery warning light. it may seem obvious, but always check your warning lights before conducting further diagnosis
  2. Slow starting engine. If your engine takes a while to start, there is a good chance your battery is damaged.
  3. Rotten egg smell. If, when you open your hood, you can smell rotten eggs, your battery is probably damaged.
  4. Bad electrics. If you notice that your electrics aren’t working as well as they used to, your battery is probably damaged.
  5. Cracked battery case. If your battery has been exposed to extreme heat, the case may appear damaged or cracked. This is a good sign that your battery is damaged.

If you’re unsure whether or not your Nissan Rogue has a problem with its battery, then make sure to consult with a mechanic. They’ll be able to check it quickly and safely, and it’ll be cheaper than you think!

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Parked Vehicle

car alternator
Photo by Unsplash

If your Nissan Rogue’s battery is failing when the vehicle is parked, it’s most likely because of one of the following:

Battery Cables: A battery cable connects the battery to the rest of the vehicle. Therefore, if it becomes damaged, you can quickly lose power. To check the condition of your battery cables, look at the point where they are connected to the battery. If you can notice a good deal of corrosion, there’s a good chance your cables are damaged and causing your battery problems.

Broken Battery: There’s a good chance that the battery itself is the culprit if your voltage is draining when parked. To check the state of your Rogue’s battery, take your vehicle to a garage to be checked. They will be able to tell you if your battery is working, or whether it’s time to buy a new one.

Alternator: The alternator is the component that charges the battery. So, if it breaks or malfunctions, there’s a good chance your battery won’t charge. To test the alternator, you’ll need to take your Nissan Rogue to a garage. The costs of labor shouldn’t be too high, but a new alternator can cost you around $500.

Other components draining battery: If you’re lucky, there might be no problem with the battery itself, and the reason it won’t hold charge could be because another component is draining the battery. To check this, simply make sure all of your electricals are turned off after you exit your vehicle, and uninstall any aftermarket parts if this still isn’t working.

Nissan Rogue Battery Problems- Moving Vehicle

mechanics checking car battery
Photo by Envato Elements

If your Rogue’s battery is draining whilst moving, it’s probably because of one of these factors:

Alternator: A bad alternator is the main reason why your battery would drain whilst the car is moving. You can assess this by checking your vehicle’s battery light. If it’s on, there’s a good chance you’ll need a new alternator. Alternatively, take your Rogue to the nearest garage to check the alternator.

Short Drives: If you only drive your Rogue for short distances or periods, this could be the reason for a draining battery. This is because the battery has to expend a great deal of power when starting the vehicle. If you don’t drive your car long enough for the alternator to recharge, this will lead to battery drain.

Temperature: If you live in an extremely hot, or cold climate, this extreme temperature could be the cause of your Nissan Rogue battery problems. When the temperature is extreme, sulfate crystals form around the battery, which seriously reduces its life. So, if you live in a very hot or cold environment, consider parking your Nissan Rogue in a garage, to reduce its exposure to temperature.

How to Fix a Broken Nissan Rogue Battery

replacing car battery
Photo by Envato Elements

If you have located and diagnosed your Nissan Rogue batter problem, then it’s time to fix it! Here are some of the best options to try:

Replace the Alternator: Most of the Nissan Rogue’s battery problems boil down to a poor alternator. So, one of the best fixes to make is to replace the alternator altogether. This should alleviate most problems, allowing your battery to perform optimally again. It might seem expensive, but your car battery is extremely important, and not replacing a broken alternator will get you stranded in the middle of nowhere someday!

Replace the Battery: Sometimes, the best fix you can conduct is to replace the battery altogether. In fact, it could be cheaper than fixing a badly broken battery. Although, many drivers have reported that their new Nissan Rogue battery broke within months of replacing it. So, it might be a good idea to find a different battery of the same size. Some good brands include Optima and Delphi. Make sure the battery is compatible before installing it in your Nissan Rogue.

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