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  7. Hyundai Accent Ticking Noise When Accelerating (10 Causes)

Hyundai Accent Ticking Noise When Accelerating (10 Causes)

Hyundai Accent Ticking Noise When Accelerating

Hyundai Accent Ticking Noise When Accelerating (10 Causes)

Hyundai cars are known for their compactness, performance, and high mileage. Not to mention the solid body and durability that act as the icing on the cake. Even the best cars can sometimes act funny, putting the car owner under stress.

If you have a Hyundai Accent and it’s making a ticking noise when you accelerate, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The noise could be low oil pressure, a leaking exhaust, burnt-out spark plugs, or a worn-out valvetrain.

But, there isn’t any problem that does not have a solution! In this blog post, we’ll go over ten potential reasons for the ticking noise and solutions to fix them. Keep reading to learn more about managing the Hyundai Accent ticking noise when accelerating!

Does The Ticking Noise Indicate Something Serious?

When you’re driving your Hyundai Accent, you may suddenly notice a ticking noise coming from the engine. It can be alarming, but it’s usually not a sign of serious trouble. In most cases, the noise is caused by an accessory belt that has come loose. If this is the case, you can usually fix the problem by tightening the belt.

If you’re not sure what’s causing the noise, or if it doesn’t go away after tightening the belt, take your car to a mechanic for further inspection. There may be something wrong with the engine, and it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem could lead to more significant and expensive problems.

Common Reasons For Hyundai Accent Ticking Noise When Accelerating And Its Solutions

One of the most common car problems drivers face is a ticking noise when accelerating. While this problem can be frustrating, it’s essential to know what is causing it and how to fix it. Hence, here are some of the common reasons why you might be experiencing Hyundai Accent ticking noise when accelerating:

1. The Timing Chain May Need to Be Adjusted

timing chain
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: One common reason for a ticking noise when accelerating your Hyundai Accent is an issue with the timing chain. The timing chain ensures that the engine’s valves open and close at the correct times, and if it’s not adjusted correctly, it can cause a ticking noise.

Solution: If you think this may be the problem, take your car to a mechanic and have them check the timing chain, and they’ll be able to adjust it if necessary.

2. The Engine May Be Low on Oil

engine oil
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: If your engine is low on oil, it can also cause a ticking noise. The engine needs oil to lubricate all of its moving parts, and when it doesn’t have enough oil, those parts will rub against each other, causing a ticking noise.

Solution: To fix this problem, add more oil to your engine to maintain the pressure. You can do this yourself or take it to a mechanic.

3. The Spark Plugs May Need to Be Replaced

nuts and bolts
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: Worn-out spark plugs are also standard for a ticking noise when accelerating your Hyundai Accent. Spark plugs ignite the fuel in your engine, so if they’re not working correctly, they can cause all sorts of problems, including a ticking noise.

Solution: Spark plugs may need to be replaced when worn out. Hence, take your car to a mechanic and have them checked. If they are faulty, they’ll replace them for you, and you’ll quickly get rid of the ticking noise.

4. There May Be an Issue with the Valvetrain

engine bay
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: The valvetrain is responsible for opening and closing the valves in your engine, and it is the part of the engine’s combustion chamber that manages the air-fuel mixture’s flow. Thus, if there’s an issue with the valvetrain, it can cause a ticking noise.

Solution: If you doubt that the valvetrain has stopped working as expected, you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic and have them diagnose the issue. They may need to replace some parts or adjust them to get it working correctly again.

5. The Piston Rings May Be Worn Out

removed engine from car
Photo by Pexels

Problem: The piston rings keep the pistons in your engine moving up and down – keeping combustion gases in and oil out. If they’re worn out, it can cause a ticking noise.

Solution: If this is the real problem, take your car to a mechanic and have them check. If the piston rings are worn out, they’ll need to be replaced.

6. There May Be an Exhaust Leak

exhaust fumes
Photo by Pexels

Problem: An exhaust leak is another potential reason for a ticking noise when accelerating your Hyundai Accent. The exhaust system on your car eliminates harmful fumes from the engine. It’s an interconnected assembly of pipes, connectors, and sensors that handle waste gas with care while also keeping you safe by disposing of it away when necessary.

If there’s a hole or crack in your exhaust system, it can cause a ticking noise, and so you need to get it checked before the engine burns out completely.

Solution: To fix this problem, you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic and have them repair the exhaust leak.

7. Rod Knocking

inside engine bay
Photo by Pexels

Problem: Car Rod knocking is a noise you’ll typically hear when the engine is running. It’s usually caused by the connecting rods hitting the crankshaft or pistons. In severe cases, it can damage the engine and cause it to seize up.

Although a faulty rod won’t affect the temperatures of the engine but will disrupt the RMP, which is critical. So, before the engine dies out completely, it is crucial to get it checked by a professional.

Solution: When you take your Hyundai Accent to the mechanic, he’ll have to repair or replace the engine’s motor, which is expensive but has to be done to eliminate the ticking noise and save the other parts.

8. Faulty Front Engine Accessories

a car engine
Photo by Pexels

Problem: If you hear strange noises coming from your car’s engine area when driving, there may be some issues with its accessories. 

The most common ones are ticking and other weird sounds that occur due to tensioners or pulleys rubbing against each other while in use. It can lead to more severe problems such as belts wearing down quickly because they’re not getting enough time off task before having another impact force applied onto them again.

Solution: If you think faulty front engine accessories are causing the weird ticking noise, get it checked by a professional who will then either repair or replace them, helping eliminate the noise for good.

9. Busted Engine Fan

the engine fan
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: You can determine if your engine fan is loose or damaged by listening to the tapping sounds it makes when accelerating. If you hear these noises, then there’s a good chance that something may have gone wrong with the structure of its mounting system and needs to be fixed as soon as possible so this doesn’t happen again in the future.

Solution: Take your Hyundai Accent to a mechanic and get a closer look at it. In most cases of busted engine fans, repairing them will quickly help you get rid of the annoying ticking noise.

10. Misfiring Fuel Injectors

fuel injectors
Photo by Unsplash

Problem: There are many reasons why you might hear a tick or two from your engine. If it’s happening while driving, the problem could be with either fuel injection system on some cars, such as those that use carburetor engines where there will always seem to be an issue when trying to start them up if they’ve been sitting idle for too long.

However, this is not always true since some models only emit these noises during specific conditions like when cold weather starts because air temperature causes expansion of the joints inside pipes made out of rubber material which helps distribute heat more effectively. Thus, when the injectors cannot perform as they should, your Hyundai Accent makes weird ticking noises.

Solution: The only way to get your fuel injectors fixed is to take them to a mechanic!

Some Final Thoughts

Hyundai in the rain
Photo by Unsplash

If you’re experiencing Hyundai Accent Ticking noise when accelerating, don’t hesitate to take it in for a checkup. The sooner you get it fixed, the sooner you can start enjoying your ride again. And if you’re not sure what’s wrong, that’s okay because it can sometimes be hard to find out the root cause unless you have someone to help you with it.

Although some ticking noises from the car are considered “normal”, if the noise gets louder with the passing day, you should certainly be worried about it. It is because, in most cases, a faulty engine is what’s causing it, and so, you would want to get it fixed ASAP. Remember, the sooner you get things fixed, the longer you’ll be driving your Hyundai Accent thus, pay a little attention to its maintenance!