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Hyundai Accent Transmission Problems

Hyundai Accent Transmission Problems And Solutions

Hyundai is one of the most reliable modern vehicles. A few years back when the manufacturer started, plenty of skepticism first came about and the Korean manufacturer started with the Hyundai Accent in 1994. Essentially, it was created for the Chinese market but made it to the West pretty soon after. One common concern was the Hyundai Accent transmission problems some were worried about.

The first generation transmission for the Hyundai Accent was originally designed as a 5-speed manual gearbox. One of the first issues that ever came up is a complete transmission failure for these models. The issue was prominent with delayed shifting from first to second gear and often required a full transmission replacement.

Nowadays, the Hyundai Accent is in the fourth generation with a 7-speed transmission for the Accent from 2017. While some of the problems have been rectified, there are still a few minor issues you should look out for. This article aims to assist you in finding the possible transmission issues and fixing them before they become troublesome.

Most Common Hyundai Transmission Issues

To better understand the Hyundai transmission, we have done some digging to see which problems are the most common over all four generations. These problems can occur with any Hyundai Accent and should be fixed as soon as possible. Once you understand which problems are common, you should be able to fix them:

1.      Low Transmission Fluid

engine oil
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Problem: having researched numerous different vehicles and studied some of the common reasons for transmission failures, a lack of solid maintenance is often the main cause for these problems. Lack of maintenance often leads to low transmission fluid, which causes a vibration in the gearbox when shifting. If left unfixed, it could lead to a complete gearbox failure.

Solution: The solution here is pretty simple. Unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing the transmission, you should keep the maintenance in check. You must ensure the vehicle is maintained effectively. This could mean checking the transmission fluid yourself and ensuring that everything is in place.

2.      Failed Torque Converter

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Problem: The failing torque converter is more common in some of the modern Hyundai models and it is responsible for transferring energy from the engine to your transmission. One of the telltale signs that a torque converter is having problems would be gears slipping. If you have a problem with gears slipping, you might have to replace the torque converter.

Solution: The torque converter often hinges on the transmission fluid and if the transmission fluid is low or burnt, it could lead to significant problems. The best bet would be maintenance. However, if the torque converter has failed, you might need to consider replacing it. You will need to find a brand new torque converter for your vehicle to replace.

3.      Erratic Shifting Due To Software Problems

car ecu
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Problem: Most modern vehicles rely on software to communicate with certain components. You might have a modern dashboard with digital numbers that are constantly calculating. If you have an issue with the software of your vehicle, erratic shifting might be something you will experience. Erratic shifting can occur due to software problems in the cold.

Solution: While the issue is more prominent in newer vehicles, the newer Hyundai Accent models might be suffering from this issue. You might notice an erratic motion from the car when shifting. Additionally, you could be forced to replace the transmission if it continues. We would recommend visiting your mechanic to have them check the ECU and software on the vehicle.

4.      Delays In Shifting Gears

gear stick
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Problem: One of the unusual problems detected with the 2021 Hyundai is delays in shifting gears. You might notice that when you shift gears, it could take a second or two for the vehicle to adapt to the new gear. It is often noticeable with spikes in your RPM when driving and a loud engine noise, which means the car is still in the previous gear.

Solution: There could be a variety of reasons for this problem, including burnt transmission fluid and low transmission fluid. As you might have noticed, transmission fluid is one of the main driving factors behind the problems with the Hyundai Accent transmission problems. You must spend plenty of time maintaining the vehicle.

5.      Damaged Transmission

manual gear stick
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Problem: As your vehicle gets older, you will notice that certain components can wear. One of these problems is often related to the clutch. However, the transmission components tend to wear as the vehicle gets closer to 100,000 miles. You could experience a combination of the above-mentioned issues at the same time.

Solution: Once every couple of thousand miles, you will need to service your vehicle. The transmission is one of the most important components that people should look at when ensuring the service is complete. However, you can regularly check the transmission to ensure all the components are in working order.

How Long Does The Hyundai Accent Transmission Last?

Transmission technology has greatly increased over the last few decades and while the earlier transmission might not be as durable, they could still last you around 150,000 miles. For modern vehicles, the transmission durability has died down slightly and with more working parts and electronics that control the vehicle, your transmission might only last around 80,000 miles.

How Do I Reset My Automatic Transmission?

If you notice that you have some issues with your Hyundai Accent transmission problems, a reset is often something you could look into. To reset the transmission on your Hyundai Accent, you might need to forcefully downshift the gear lever with medium to large throttle openings. For an automatic vehicle, shifting from “Park” to “Neutral” with a few pauses in between should help to reset the transmission.


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