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6 Reasons Your Range Rover Evoque Is Not Starting

Range Rover Evoque Is Not Starting

6 Reasons Your Range Rover Evoque Is Not Starting

Range Rover are known for their spacious yet elegant vehicles, and much like other models, the Evoque is slick, sleek, and a dream to drive. This five door is also available as a plug-in hybrid for those looking to go green and lower their emissions. However, it’s not without its faults. 

Some Evoque owners may find that they have issues with their transmission or maybe the car is unresponsive when attempting to start the vehicle. Quite often this points to battery issues, but that does not necessarily mean that the battery itself is at fault. Other components can cause the battery to drain or weaken. However, sometimes it isn’t a battery problem at all. The Evoque can experience other issues too, which we explain in detail here.

In this article we’ll explain why your Range Rover Evoque isn’t starting and what you can do to prevent or solve these issues.

Reasons why your Range Rover Evoque isn’t starting

The number one thing that all drivers fear is their car not starting, especially if they’re in a rush to get somewhere. It’s extremely inconvenient and not what you want from a brand new car. If you find yourself sat in your Range Rover Evoque, and it’s just not turning on, there are a few possible causes.

1. Low battery key fob

range rover evoque sat in showroom
Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

Most modern cars have ditched the key and instead work from a key fob, which seems great, but it can open cars up to new issues. A key fob with a dead or low battery can create problems, such as: not being able to unlock your car or not being able to start it. 

If you find that your Range Rover is not switching on, it may be that your key fob has a very low battery. Try holding the fob close to the start engine button as this can help the connection. Otherwise, it may be time to dig out your backup key fob or to replace the battery of the unresponsive one.

2. Car battery issues

mechanic checking car battery
Photo by Envato Elements

It goes without saying that any car, whether that’s your Range Rover Evoque or your Ford Fiesta, is not going to start if the battery is flat. If you suspect that your battery is flat, or very low, a simple voltage test can be done with a voltmeter.

It is important to add here that minimising the risk of your battery draining will prevent your Range Rover Evoque from continuously not starting. Something as simple as leaving the lights on when your engine is off will weaken your car battery, so avoid these bad habits. Or maybe you take your Range Rover for lots of short journeys to the shop, but not lengthy ones – this can also harm your battery as it won’t have enough time to fully charge itself. 

Keep your battery healthy and ensure that your Evoque starts quickly and easily. 

3. Broken alternator

car alternator
Photo by Envato Elements

Linked very closely to your car battery, is the alternator. As an alternator is responsible for generating electricity, without it fully functioning your Range Rover battery will be unable to charge. Commonly, replacing a car battery would fix all of your flat battery worries, but if the alternator remains broken, soon you will find that your battery is flat once again. Usually alternators break after extensive use in older cars, so in your new Range Rover Evoque it probably isn’t the reason why your car isn’t starting – but it is still best to get it checked by a professional.

4. Check your starter motor

range rover evoque steering wheel
Photo by Envato Elements

Is your starter motor the reason that your Range Rover Evoque isn’t starting? It’s very possible. 

The starter is an essential part of your car’s inner workings, it engages the engine and initiates it – without it, your car is not going to work. If when you push the start engine button you hear a clicking noise, and your car won’t turn on, it may be that you have a bad starter. However, starter motors can die without any sort of noise at all – which is important to remember. These motors wear down naturally over time, but this can increase if the car is started regularly. 

Taking your car into a garage or dealership is the best way to deal with this problem, and it will ensure that your starter is not continuously causing you grief. 

5. Bad fuel pump

fuel pressure levels
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

One common cause of a car not starting, is the failure of the fuel pump. If this is the case, then the engine will also not start. Which is not good news if you’re wanting to use your car. Mostly, there will be tell-tale signs of a bad fuel pump on the lead up to its demise. Engine jerks, or difficulty starting your car in general can mean that your fuel pump needs checking. However, if you are past this point then use a fuel pressure gauge to check for sure – if it is at zero then you should take your Range Rover Evoque into a shop. 

6. Blown fuse

checking car fuses
Photo by Envato Elements

Sometimes, even though it is very rare, a fuse may have blown on your car. It is possible to check the fuse box, but it can be tricky and dangerous so we suggest getting a professional to take a look for you. A blown fuse can contribute to a fuel pump failure, so keep in mind that these two problems may be linked.


Understanding the faults within your own car can save you lots of money if you know how to fix them yourself. Learning about your Evoque can also avoid extreme bills at garages if you know exactly what they need to fix.

Whether you’ve been having continuous issues with your Range Rover Evoque, or you’ve taken to the internet in a panic whilst sitting in your car, we hope that this article has helped.