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10 Common Problems in The Range Rover Evoque

Common Problems in The Range Rover Evoque

10 Common Problems in The Range Rover Evoque

Buying a car is never an easy decision, especially a second-hand car. It is important to know everything that can go wrong with the car. But don’t worry, we have you covered. In this post, we will talk about the common problems in a Range Rover Evoque.

This is one of the most iconic cars from the Range Rover brand, however, it is riddled with problems that were solved at different points in time. The most common problems in a Range Rover Evoque are related to the steering wheel, the electrical systems, and some software issues. Fortunately, these are all easy fixes and mostly do not lead to any dangerous circumstances.

Most of these problems were solved during various recalls in the history of the car. Thus, if you are buying a used model, then it is important to check whether the car had been taken back to the dealer during these recalls to have the problems solved. Time to dive a bit deeper into these problems.

Faulty Tyre Pressure Warning

range rover tyres
Image Credits: Pixabay

The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is supposed to warn you if your tyre pressure is ever too low and may lead to instability in your driving conditions. However, the one in the Range Rover Evoque is faulty and often does not warn the driver in case the pressure drops below 25% of the rated level in cold conditions. This problem is seen especially in the convertible version of this car.

Fortunately, this can be fixed by a simple software update. However, you will have to take it to the dealer to do it. Since the issue is not a critical one, you can take your time to get it fixed.

Faulty SRS warning light

car interior airbag
Photo by Envato Elements

The SRS or Secondary Restraint System often refers to the airbags. When you see this warning, it means that there is something wrong with the airbags and they may not be deployed in the case of an emergency. However, in the case of the Evoque, this light often goes up for no reason whatsoever, leading to unnecessary panic.

The solution again is to update the software or replace the control module. Like before, this can only be done at the dealership and thus you might have to make a trip again. Alternatively, you can just ignore the light. However, that may not be too wise as you will see in the next section.

Airbag failure

Driver seat airbag | Image Credits: Pixabay

Now, sometimes you may just get a false alarm about there being a problem with the airbag systems. However, at other times, there are some valid concerns about the deployment of airbags.

Because of this, a recall was issued. Hopefully, the airbags in your car were replaced as a part of this recall. Since there are doubts about the warning light as well, it is best to take the car to a dealership and get both the airbags and the fault detection system checked out. As an extra precaution, you can replace the airbags too.

Electrical short-circuiting

car electrics
Photo by Envato Elements

One of the most common problems in the Range Rover Evoque is the short-circuiting of the electrical systems in the car. This mostly happens in the HEVs with the 48V system and at the DC-DC converter site.  This was a slightly more dangerous problem as it raised the risks of an engine fire occurring.

To rectify this, an engine recall was done and about 3000 units had their systems replaced. So, all you need to do is check if your car belongs to a lot of faulty vehicles and get the system replaced.

Reverse Camera Viewing Difficulty

range rover grill
Photo by ZHONG Liguo on Unsplash

The rear parking camera has been a huge problem for Evoque drivers everywhere. While a minor inconvenience, the rear parking camera is misaligned with the tailgate. Because of this, many drivers cannot see very clearly in the back while trying to park their cars.

Of course, you have the rear-view mirror to assist you while parking. But if you do need the parking camera, then you might be in for some expensive repairs as the whole rear tailgate needs to be replaced and re-aligned. Fortunately, if the car is under warranty, a dealership will do it for free. If it isn’t, you need to ask yourself how important is that camera?

Steering issues

range rover steering wheel
Photo by Envato Elements

Coming to another one of the most common problems in the range rover Evoque – is the steering behaviour. The problem that you may observe is that sometimes you start losing the steering control. This usually happens a while after you have started driving the car. Apparently, this problem is caused by a simple bolt being loose in the control arm of the steering assembly.

This is a manufacturing defect and thus a recall was done for this as well. Therefore, if you take it to the closest dealership, they would do it for free if your car belonged to one of the lots which had this defect in them. It is a good idea to get this repaired sooner than later because otherwise, it may lead to accidents on the road.

Other than that, there might also be leaks in the hydraulic steering system. Hence, it is important to keep a close on the entire steering behaviour of your car. Take it to the dealership as soon as you see some problems popping up.  

Brake problems

car brakes
Photo by Envato Elements

Brakes are another pain point in the Evoque models. Both old and new models have something wrong with them usually. The old ones used to undergo complete brake failure while driving at unexpected times. You can imagine how dangerous this can be. This was again due to the incorrect torquing of a certain part.

Fortunately, the new ones only have a slight squeaky noise that it gives out. This may bother only some of you. If you are one of them you might want to get your brake pads replaced, especially if it is a used car.

Alternatively, since these brakes are prone to failure, keep a close eye on leaks of brake fluid or unusual braking behaviour. Being attentive to your car may save you a lot of time and money down the line.  

Flywheel Wear

Photo by Envato Elements

The flywheel is responsible for keeping the engine going even when there is no combustion taking place. It also helps transmit the power to the transmission unit as well. As such, it makes contact with the clutch plate. However, it has been observed that in the hybrid models (with the start/stop function), you might experience an abnormal amount of vibration at the clutch pedal.

This happens because the flywheel wears out over time. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t happen over the life of the vehicle. However, due to the additional starts/stops performed by this HEV, the flywheel wears out more than normal. This might become a problem down the line. Thus, the best option is the get the flywheel changed if you are buying a used vehicle with a lot of mileage under its belt. While it may not be always necessary, just be on the lookout for unusual vibrations while test-driving the car.  

Transmission Issues

ranger rover evoque interior
Photo by Petteri Selin on Unsplash

Continuing with the theme of transmission, another problem that was often observed was that the gearbox would spontaneously shift to the neutral gear. This can be quite a dangerous situation as it may cause a sudden loss of power and speed. Very weirdly, this was caused due to a problem in the wiring harness of the transmission system.

Apparently, a wire wasn’t crimped enough. To correct this, a recall was issued for select vehicles. Like the other times, you might want to check if your car was one of the vehicles that were affected. If it was, a simple trip to the dealership should resolve the problem. However, it might take some time as they have to replace the concerned wiring part.

Fuel Leak from Fuel Rail

fuel gauge
Fuel leaks might lead to an empty tank | Image Credits: Pixabay

Leaks from the fuel rail are part of the common problems that you find in a Range Rover Evoque. It is almost unavoidable due to its poor design. While not extremely dangerous, this will lead to significantly higher fuel consumption. If you care about the environment, this also means more emissions in some cases. Moreover, you will not get the amount of power that you want.

The solution is to simply replace the fuel rail. This shouldn’t be too hard as the fuel rail is often located towards the outermost parts of the engine. Doing so should also get rid of the smell of gasoline you might get sometimes while driving this car. But let’s admit it, some of us love that smell!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Evoque is quite literally riddled with several issues throughout its history. The problems listed here are only the common problems faced by someone owning a Range Rover Evoque. As you can see, most of these problems aren’t something that you should be worried about. They are relatively simple fixes too. The downside is that they can usually be only solved at the dealership. While most of them are covered under warranty, you may still have to make that dreaded trip to the service station either way.

However, some users have also complained of other minor electrical issues and even some major ones like the engine shutting off suddenly. These cases luckily are not too many. So, you don’t need to worry about them too much. Moreover, it’s important to note that this was in the past. Over time the car has been fixed iteratively and the number of problems has drastically reduced. The Evoque is still one of the most iconic cars offered by the brand.

We hope you face none of these problems in your newly purchased car. And if you do, there’s no need to panic as you already know what to do.