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Volkswagen Polo Screen Not Working: 5 Problems And Solutions

Volkswagen Polo Screen Not Working: 5 Problems And Solutions

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular car models by the automobile giant Volkswagen. This B-segment supermini car was built focusing on functionality and lightness, making it a favorite for car owners and enthusiasts. And it has gotten much better over the years with recent models featuring new and improved infotainment screens.

However, the Volkswagen Polo display could suddenly freeze or stop working which can be caused by several reasons ranging from a damaged LCD panel to problematic software, connector wire issues, a blown fuse, or a faulty head unit. And depending on the cause, the solution could be as easy as performing a hard reboot or as expensive as replacing the entire head unit.

The good news is that the screen problems mentioned above can be fixed without damaging the vehicle. Let’s dive in.

Volkswagen Polo Screen Problems: Here’s How You Know

Car display screen
Photo Credit: Unsplash

If you’re having trouble with your Volkswagen Polo screen, you’re not the first. A lot of car owners have reported issues with their screens, and these problems usually fall into one or more of these categories:

  • The screen freezes and refuses to respond

The screen suddenly hangs and doesn’t respond to prompts. This screen freeze and non-responsiveness are usually due to a problem with the display’s operating system (OS), base software, or electronic components.

  • The screen operates without being touched

Screen operating without you not touching it happens due to a software or OS error. The screen changes the radio station by itself, activates settings randomly, or turns off its Bluetooth connection without any control.

  • The screen goes black or turns off.

One of the most reported issues with a malfunctioning Volkswagen Polo screen is that it turns off unexpectedly. Here, the causes could range from a short circuit or blown fuse to an overall defective head unit.

Possible Causes Of A Volkswagen Polo Screen Malfunction

Volkswagen steering wheel & dashboard
Photo Credit: Pexels

If your Volkswagen Polo screen becomes unresponsive, the first step is to try a hard reboot. To do this, press the power button on the head unit for about 10 seconds. Most display issues disappear after a hard reboot, so this might also work for you. A hard reboot should help it cool down faster.

If it doesn’t work, you may have a problem with another part of the head unit or the entire unit. We’ve listed some common issues below and what you can do about them.

Software Issues

Car display panel showing fuel & oil gauges
Photo Credit: Pexels

A bug in the display software may prevent the screen from working as it should. This is a fairly common culprit. In some reported cases, the software was outdated, and in other cases, the wrong software was factory-loaded on the unit. Either way, the unit would keep malfunctioning or not function at all.

What To Do

The usual approach to tackling software issues affecting a Volkswagen Polo screen is to update the software and reset the head unit. Doing this should take care of the problem. If it doesn’t, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or experienced personnel for instructions.

Dirty Or Damaged LCD Panel

Car display panel
Photo Credit: Pexels

Recent models of the Volkswagen Polo come with a touchscreen head unit. If the screen is dirty, it would most likely not respond to prompts by the car user. Even worse, the panels might be partially defective or completely damaged. It is possible that the stock panel was problematic from the factory line or a foreign liquid or abrasive material damaged it.

What To Do

To clean a dirty display, wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth until no dust or mark is left on the screen. If you suspect that the panel might require repair, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional and subsequently fixed or replaced if need be.

Connector Wire Issues

Connector Wire Issues
Photo Credit: Pexels

The display could be soldered onto the central unit or connected through wires; this depends on the model and year of production. Check the cables used; they could be loosely connected or develop faults due to overheating or tension.

What To Do

The wiring in the head unit is quite delicate, and any mistakes in handling them could make things worse. Thus, we suggest you have an expert technician inspect the wires for any weak connections or damage. Reconnect a poorly attached wire and change a bad one.

Blown Fuse Or Short Circuit

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s common in electrical systems to protect against short circuit problems using a fuse. Unfortunately, a sudden short circuit may damage the fuse, permanently cutting off the power reaching the head unit until the fuse is removed or replaced.

What To Do

 Considering that the fuse plays a crucial role in protecting the unit’s electronic components, it’s best to have a blown fuse replaced as soon as possible. A damaged fuse would also indicate a problem with another part of the display unit’s connection to the power source, such as a faulty or loose wire. Thus, getting a professional to work on the unit would help address these issues.

Faulty Head Unit

 car head unit
Photo Credit: Pexels

The head unit houses the whole infotainment system, from the screen display and buttons to the inner wires and components. A dust buildup, excessive moisture, overheating, or damaged components could be responsible for a large-scale failure of the head unit.

What To Do

Be sure to get an accurate diagnosis of the head unit faults, either by following instructions on the manufacturer’s website or car manual or by having a professional inspect the unit. A bad head unit will affect the screen so change a faulty one.

How much would it cost to replace my Volkswagen Polo head unit?

According to car insurance company GetJerry, getting an expert to replace your head unit generally costs between $100 and $300 in 2022, depending on what you would like to have replaced. Thus, it’s important to have regular checks and maintenance so that any problems with the unit can be tackled early.