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VW T5 Noisy Power Steering And How To Fix It

VW T5 Noisy Power Steering

VW T5 Noisy Power Steering And How To Fix It

The Volkswagon Transporter is one top light commercial vehicles used for transportation on the market today. The T5 model is the fifth generation of this vehicle and went into full production in 2003 as a replacement for the T4. Since it is an older model, dealing with a VW T5 Noisy Power Steering has become an increasing problem:

One of the main causes of this issue in the VW T5 seems to be the power steering pump failing or being close to failure. The pump is responsible for regulating the power steering fluid and making steering easier. A whiny noise seems to accompany a failing power steering pump and you might need to replace the component.

While the power steering pump might be the main cause of the problem, there could be several other reasons for this fault to occur. Whilst trying to fix one of these VW T5 vehicles, our research has led us to a few possible causes for the problem. The article focuses on helping you understand what the possible causes could be:

VW Noisy Power Steering – 5 Possible Causes & Solutions

Without power steering, a car can become undrivable and it can take plenty of effort to do the most basic of things. If you hear a groaning or whining noise coming from the power steering, there could be a few possible reasons this is happening. We have identified some of the most common reasons that this could be happening:

1.      Failing Power Steering Pump

man driving vw van
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: The power steering pump is responsible for depositing fluid from the crankshaft to enable you to easily turn the heavy wheels on the car. If the pump has any malfunction, it will stop pumping the fluid creating friction when you are trying to turn the vehicle. This could be in the form of different noises like whining and groaning.

Solution: The best solution would be to do an overview of the pump and try to check every minor component for wear. It could also be the oil extracted into the pump that might be worn out. The best practice would be to check if the belt or tensioner is at fault and replace these components. In rare cases, you will need to replace the complete power steering pump.

2.      Power Steering Fluid Problems

mechanic checking power steering fluid
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: The power steering fluid is one of the main elements that lubricates the power steering system and makes it possible to turn the vehicle. If the fluid has lost some of the additives or protective properties, the lubrication might not be as effective. Old power steering fluid is often the main cause of this.

Solution: The best thing you can do is to avoid this problem. This is done by keeping a regular maintenance schedule and topping up the fluid when needed. If the power steering fluid is the problem, you might have to drain the system. Whilst doing this, you might as well replace all the fluid in the engine for optimal performance.

3.      Leaking Power Steering System

checking engine oil levels
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: While this could technically hinge on the same factors as the power steering fluid, the pump should be sealed to ensure that all the motions can take place securely. Occasionally, you might have a damaged pump and this will allow air to come into the fluid system. It could also lead to some of the fluid dripping from the pump.

Solution: With a quick overview of the power steering pump, you should quickly notice if you have air coming into the pump or if you have a leaking pump. If you have any leaks, you should consider having the pump replaced. Instead of simply patching up the problem, a full replacement will have you in working order much sooner.

4.      Buildup Of Dirt In The Power Steering System

inside engine bay
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: While not as problematic as the above-mentioned problems, you might also find that dirt can make its way into the power steering system. If you leave the vehicle stationary for a while, the dirt can harden. It could often mix with the power steering fluid. A grinding noise can often be heard as you try to turn the wheel and the components grind against some of the dirt.

Solution: Once again, you need to ensure the vehicle maintenance and repairs are kept up to date. If you detect any leaks in the power steering system or pump, you should have it fixed or replaced. The buildup of dirt particles can expedite the process of wearing components. It is best to have a mechanic assist you in making these fixes.

5.      Worn Strut Top Bearing

engine struts
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: The strut top bearing is located at the top of the spring and it is made from alloy to ensure strength and hold the spring in place. As you drive the vehicle, you will encounter wet conditions. This might cause the build-up of rust or dirt particles entering the bearing. This could lead to a grinding noise in the VW T5.

Solution: The best solution always comes back to maintenance. However, if you detect any of this rust buildup on the bearing, you should consider having it cleaned. Fortunately, you can remove the component and do the cleaning process in the comfort of your own garage.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Power Steering Pump On A VW T5?

The VW T5 is one of the older models in the VW range and it is one of the known problems that the power steering could give you issues. The problems are often resolved under the warranty. However, if your vehicle is out of warranty, it might require you to pay for the fixes. Depending on the problem, the costs could run you between $1000 and $2000 to fix

Can I Fix A Noisy Power Steering At Home?

If you are dealing with a noisy power steering and you can feel that the vehicle has some issues when turning, you might want to consider finding a quick solution. With some oil, you can lubricate the components and it should serve as a temporary fix. However, the fix is only temporary and might not last long. We should mention that some of these power steering issues are not uncommon with other vehicles.