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VW Transporter T4 Speedo Not Working: 4 Reasons Behind It

VW Transporter T4 Speedo Not Working: 4 Reasons Behind It

Between 1990 and 2004, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VCV) in Germany developed the Volkswagen Transporter (T4). They replaced the Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) which was later replaced by the Volkswagen Transporter (T5). In North America, the car company marketed the VW Transporter T4 as Volkswagen EuroVan, its other name. 

A speedometer or speedo is a device that provides readings of a car’s speeds in km/hr or mile/hr. So, why is your VW transporter T4 speedo not working? While the majority of modern Volkswagens measure speed using speed sensors, several older models measure speed using gears and cables.  

Most VW car owners, especially those who drive ones with gear-controlled speedometers, complain of a faulty speedo. Although it is a fairly frequent issue, most of the time it is also relatively simple to fix. Below, we’ll be stating the reasons behind your VW transporter T4 speedo not working, along with suggestions for fixing it.

4 Reasons Your VW Transporter T4 Speedo Is Not Working

 VW Transporter T4 Speedo Is Not Working- Volkswagen Transporter T4 caravan
Credits: Pexels

The malfunction of the speedometer on a Volkswagen T4 might result from a wide range of different problems. 

A Break In The Speedometer Transmission Cable

Older models of cars use cables and gears, like some VW Transporter T4 models. They may experience a dead speedometer due to a break in the cable connecting the transmission to the speedometer. This break can make your VW transporter T4 speedo not work. Volkswagen vehicles using a speed sensor made after the early 1990s do not have this problem. A problem with their speedometer is usually a bad speed sensor itself.

Faulty Speed Sensors

A faulty digital speed sensor may cause your VW transporter T4 speedo to not work. The speed sensor measures the rotational speed and transmits data to the Engine Control Module (ECM). The control module then sends the data to the speedometer. As a result, the check engine light will turn on your dash. The light is an indication of a faulty sensor that has stopped working. 

Wiring Issue 

Another reason your VW transporter T4 speedo is not working is improper wiring. Unreliable speedometer readings can be caused by wiring issues. The only thing that has to be replaced in this situation is the wiring or re-calibrating of the sensor.  

Recently Changed Wheels And Tires 

A defective speedometer could be the result of certain modifications you made to your car. Your Volkswagen speedometer has to be calibrated if you’ve changed the wheels and tires. Using a different model of the built-in transmission can also make your VW transporter T4 speedo not work. Another reason could be a recent switch from automatic to manual.

Faulty VW transporter T4 speedometers

The speedometer on your Volkswagen might not be functional because it is old or has a weak spring. Instrument cluster removal will be required if this is the case. Usually, this entails removing the speedometer and a few related dash hardware components. The damaged instrument cluster can then be repaired or replaced. 

How To Find And Fix The Speedometer Cable On Your VW Transporter T4

Instrument cluster view of a VW vehicle
Credits: Pexels

To fix your speedometer cable, you’re going to need materials like a hydraulic jack, screwdriver set, and wrench set.

Check where the cable enters the body of your Volkswagen’s interior to locate where the speedometer cable is positioned. Once you locate it, the speedo cable will be seen as a thick gauge black wire entering the instrument cluster. Pull it through the opening beneath the dash to get it out. Once it’s been taken out, you can swap it out for a new one and put it in the opposite direction of how you took the previous one out. 

How To Find And Fix The Speed Sensors On Your VW Transporter T4

A Volkswagen speedometer
Credits: Pexels

All Volkswagen vehicles sold in North America have speed sensors for the speedometer. They are connected to the front wheels. These sensors are located above the trans-axle and behind the engine. Remove the connector above the sensor and the connecting hose. Also, remove the bolts holding the sensor in place after removing the connecting hose. To avoid recurring faults, swap out the old sensors for new ones. Also, clean the sensor housing before putting the new ones in place. Put everything you took off after that back in the proper order. You can complete this without expert assistance, especially if you are familiar with your car. 

Recalibrate Your Speedo

A Volkswagen car that uses a speed sensor
Credits: Pexels

If the speedometer on your Volkswagen Transporter T4 is operated by a cable and gear, look for the transmission shaft. Unscrew the shaft to remove the cover plates. Next, inspect the gear for any anomalies. If you spot any, contact any local VW service center or auto parts retailer to buy the necessary equipment. 

Check the manufacturer’s manual for test drive distance if your VW Transporter T4’s speedometer has an electronic speedometer. Next, start the car while holding down the calibration button on the speedometer, and then let go. Press the button once more after that. This time, drive the distance specified for the test drive in the instructions on the manual, and then let go. Repeat this. Your speedometer will be recalibrated.

Final Thoughts

When you find that your VW transporter T4 speedo is not working, you should first check the instrument cluster. Check to ensure that everything is receiving power. Then check the wiring to see if there is any obvious damage. If you checked and found no anomalies, move on to inspecting the speed cables or sensors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the speedometer in my instrument cluster?

Yes, you can change the speedometer in the instrument cluster of your vehicle. But seek assistance from a professional car repairer

How do I know if my car uses a speed sensor or gear and cable-driven speedometer?

Older car models produced in the early 90s used gear and cable speedometers. So, if your car is a new model produced in the 21st century, it’s probably using a speed sensor.