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Vauxhall Insignia automatic transmission problems

5 Vauxhall Insignia Automatic Transmission Problems

While most of the world prefers driving vehicles with the automatic gearbox, it is often one of the most common problems with most vehicles. The Vauxhall Insignia automatic transmission problems might not take center stage like the Audi A1, but many are wondering which possible flaws they need to keep an eye out for.

The most common problem when it comes to the automatic gearbox on the Vauxhall Insignia is often the slippage of the gears. One of the first ways you will notice this is when you have a lack of responsiveness from the gearbox, which could lead to inertia when you are accelerating. It is often a problem related to the clutch or converter.

While this is only one of the problems commonly experienced by automatic vehicle drivers, there are a few others that we also need to look at. We have identified some of the most common Vauxhall Insignia automatic transmission problems you need to be aware of while suggesting some possible solutions to the problems.

Vauxhall Insignia Automatic Transmission Problems

With the design of the Vauxhall or Opel Insignia, it was thought that the automatic gearbox would be extremely popular. It has proven to be true, but the automatic gearbox might have a few niggling problems buyers and owners need to be aware of. Here are five of the most common problems you could face with the Vauxhall Insignia automatic transmission.

Gear Slippage

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Problem: There are various types of automatic gearbox you might have in your Insignia and this often comes down to trim selection. However, gear slippage is one of the most common problems and you can identify this by noticing an unresponsive gearbox. It might lead to some inertia when accelerating, which might be dangerous.

Solution: The automatic gearbox might be one of the best designs when it comes to ease of use, but you will need to visit a professional mechanic. It might be the torque converter or the clutch, which has often deteriorated or have a few faults. It could cost you upwards of $2,000 to have the clutch component replaced.

Faulty Engine Speed Sensor

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Problem: The faulty speed sensor is not directly related to the automatic transmission on the Vauxhall Insignia. However, there have been reports of gears jumping or not having the smooth transition you are used to. If the speed sensor is damaged or malfunctioning, it does not correctly detect the speeds, which means it cannot tell the engine which gear to use.

Solution: If you can pick up a faulty speed sensor immediately, you will probably avoid paying too much to have it fixed. However, if you neglect the problem, it could lead to additional strain on the gearbox and the clutch. Having the speed sensor fixed should not be more than $300, which is far more affordable than the other clutch components.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

oil cap on car
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Problem: If you experience a whining sound or you notice a jerking feeling coming from your vehicle when you pull away, you should stop and check the transmission fluid. Transmission fluid can often leak from the vehicle if you don’t keep up good maintenance. You might notice it in the form of an oil leak coming from the engine.

Solution: The best way to fix this issue is to prevent it. While refilling your transmission fluid is easy and you can do it at home, many choose to ignore it. The constant grinding of components in the gearbox might damage some of these components. This could lead to significant damage, which could have been prevented with some transmission fluid.

Broken Solenoids

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Problem: One of the common issues identified with the Vauxhall Insignia comes from some of the older models. Many people have complained about the vehicle slipping in gears 3, 4, and 5. While it could be the clutch, most mechanics have pointed to the two solenoids inside the transmission, which might be overworked past 150,000 miles.

Solution: You will need a Vauxhall mechanic to assist you with this problem as many mechanics without the knowledge of these specific gearbox designs would determine the clutch is the problem. However, when replacing the solenoids, should be much easier and it won’t cost nearly as much as the clutch. It should be less than $200.

Broken Couplings

broken couplings
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Problem: Throughout your vehicle, you will find numerous couplings that connect most of the components in your vehicle with one another. When it comes to the Vauxhall Insignia, this is also the case and there are couplings connecting the gearbox to the clutch and the sensors, which determine the gear, which should be used.

Solution: Replacing these couplings can be hard and since they rarely ever break, it is worth noting that most mechanics would suggest a full gearbox replacement. You will need to replace the gearbox, which might include the clutch system. Once again, these costs could be upward of $2,000. However, the problem mostly occurs in vehicles older than 100,000 miles.


Is The Vauxhall Insignia Reliable?

The Vauxhall Insignia is one of the top vehicles on the market today. It is often used for things like taxis in certain parts of Europe. In terms of reliability, the vehicle has not thrown up any significant issues and as far as we are aware, there have been no recalls in recent years. The vehicle should easily do 150,000 miles when maintained correctly.

Has There Been Any Vauxhall Insignia Transmission Recalls

The Vauxhall Insignia is often hailed as one of the most durable and reliable models from the Vauxhall brand. So far, there have been no Vauxhall Insignia models that have undergone recalls over the last decade. Many of the transmission faults are easily fixable and detectable. However, some of them might be expensive to replace. In terms of Vauxhall vehicle engine problems, you might want to consider reading further!

How much does it cost to replace the transmission on a Vauxhall Insignia?

To replace the automatic transmission on a Vauxhall Insignia will cost anywhere between $2000 to $4000. This amount includes both parts and labor costs.


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