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Top 9 Most Common Problems with Vauxhall Insignia Cars

Vauxhall Insignia car

Top 9 Most Common Problems with Vauxhall Insignia Cars

Vauxhall Insignia car models come with a very handsome design and enough passenger space – something that convinced many people to purchase them. Despite its benefits and new design, the model is still not perfect and there are some common problems with Vauxhall Insignia cars.

Several buyers have complained about these issues with Vauxhall Insignia cars, even if they purchased a new vehicle. Some of the common problems include power steering failures, weird noises, heated seat failure, rattling engine, gear changing issues, juddering clutches, and various others. The only good part is that some of these problems can be fixed if you diagnose them on time.

If you want to enjoy your new Vauxhall Insignia, you must know how to solve the issues that tend to arise with these models. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common problems with these vehicles and offer solutions.

Battery Corrosion

car engine
Photo by Pixabay

Battery corrosion affects many cars, and the Vauxhall Insignia is no exception. It can get so bad that the vehicle might not start anymore.

This is because the corrosion on the battery’s contacts will result in a contact loss, as well as less current flow. Therefore, the engine won’t be able to start properly.

If your car doesn’t start and you suspect the battery to be the issue, you must begin your investigation. Check the battery contacts to see if they are dirty. To do so, lift the battery covers over the battery terminals. This way, you can see if there is corrosion at the terminals.

If all you see are white or silvery-green deposits without any damage, you can just clean this without having to replace the battery. Remove the pole cables, starting with the black one and continuing with the red one. You can then start cleaning the corrosion after removing the battery from the circuit. Connect the terminals back after you’re done cleaning.

A Weak Battery

car battery jumper cables
Photo by Pixabay

Sometimes, a Vauxhall Insignia not starting could be caused by the battery, but not by battery corrosion. A weak battery could also be the culprit, especially if the engine doesn’t crank, or does so very slowly.

To figure out if the battery is weak, you should do a test. Measure the voltage between the battery poles, as well as the level of acid. A multimeter can be used to measure the voltage on the Vauxhall Insignia battery. Then, assess the battery’s condition. Generally, the voltage checks show results of about 12-13 volts. Anything that is lower than 11.5 volts or higher than 14 volts should require a professional to take a look at the battery.

When the battery is dead, you can use jumper cables and the healthy battery from a different car to jump-start it. A battery booster can be used too if you have one. But if the battery is new, then it may simply not have reached its full capacity yet, which could be why your vehicle doesn’t start. This is not something you should worry about, as it takes time for the battery to reach full capacity.

The Vibration of the Steering Wheel

steering wheel
Photo by Unsplash

Vauxhall Insignia vehicles sometimes have a steering wheel that vibrates too much while the driver is on the road. It can be extremely frustrating, and make you feel unsafe when you don’t know what is causing it.

A worn-out rear front lower arm bracket may be the reason behind the steering wheel vibration. So, you should check it. If it’s worn out, you should replace it. Ideally, you should look for replacement bearings for both sides, because the other one may also wear out soon if it hasn’t yet.

Try to investigate the tires too and see if they are affected somehow. Sometimes, they may either be pushed out of balance or lose pressure.

Broken Starter Motor

vehicle engine
Photo by Pexels

Starter motors are responsible for starting the Vauxhall Insignia engines. How much the starter motor lasts will depend on how frequently you start your engine. On average, it has a life of about 100,000-150,000 miles.

That being said, the car may not start out of a sudden considering the life of the starter motor is not infinite. After all, the engine cannot start if the starter motor is faulty.

How can you diagnose this? You should try turning the key to start the Insignia’s engine. If you hear a clicking sound, then it signals to a starter motor with issues. Another way to tell if a starter is faulty is by seeing if it works with a healthy battery. If it doesn’t, the starter is definitely at fault. You will have to replace it with a new one.

For a temporary fix, you should try turning the key while you use a stick or a metal tool to hit the starter motor. It may work if the gears are not properly aligned or if the parts inside your vehicle’s starter are stuck together. Still, you should consider changing the starter as soon as possible considering it may be getting close to the end of its life anyway.

Vibration and Noise with High Revs

car parts
Photo by Pexels

One of the most common problems with Vauxhall Insignia vehicles is the vibration of the car and noise coming from the engine when the revs are high. Although it is not necessarily the most common issue, it’s something that may occur.

The thing that is causing this is a damaged or broken turbocharger control solenoid valve. As such, you must replace it with a new one. The good thing is that it’s easy to make the replacement.

Boot Won’t Stay Open

opening car boot
Photo by Unsplash

One of the most common problems with Vauxhall Insignia vehicles is a boot that will not stay open. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you need to go shopping, you plan on loading the car with everything you’ve purchased, but the boot keeps closing.

When this happens, there may be gas coming out of the support struts. So, it gives you no control over the boot door – therefore, it closes and gets in your way. You can do a quick test after the test drive to see if this is indeed the issue.

Therefore, shop for some new struts. You will need to replace the old ones.

Rear Brakes Binding Issue

car wheel
Photo by Pixabay

A few Vauxhall Insignia owners have reported that their car makes a squeaking noise when they slow down. The unpleasant sound comes from the rear of the car.

This problem is caused by the rear brakes binding. Most commonly, it can be experienced in older models, especially if they have a lot of miles on the clock. To solve the issue, you will have to buy new brake pads and discs and replace the existing ones.

Juddering Clutch

parts of a vehicle
Photo by Pixabay

A juddering clutch is also another usual problem that Insignia drivers have reported. The clutch tends to judder when pushed, and the car does not accelerate easily.

Unfortunately, this requires a whole dual-mass flywheel replacement. You can replace it yourself, but if you don’t know how to do it, you can call a mechanic to make sure the replacement is done by the book.

Problems when Changing Gears

car gearbox
Photo by Pexels

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems that you can have with a Vauxhall Insignia is being unable to switch gears. Many people experience this, especially at higher speeds. The center clutch place may be the culprit in this case.

The entire gearbox will have to be removed, then you will have to take it apart, clean it, and then re-grease it. While this will fix your car’s problem, it can also be expensive, so you must be ready to pay for the reparations.


Dealing with car issues when you need your vehicle is one of the most frustrating experiences. Vauxhall Insignia models come with their own set of problems, just like any other car. So, you must find a solution.

Now that you know the most common problems with Vauxhall Insignia, how to diagnose them, and how to fix them, you should be able to handle the situations with ease. Just be extra careful if you are doing the reparations yourself.


What are Vauxhall Insignia models like?

For the most part, Vauxhall Insignia cars are very quiet, practical, and good for driving. They also offer a lot of space for passengers, so anyone looking for a larger family car will enjoy it.

How reliable are Vauxhall Insignia cars?

Vauxhall Insignia cars are relatively reliable. However, they do have common problems, especially older models, so they may require reparations from time to time.

What is the best car engine for the Vauxhall Insignia?

Usually, Vauxhall Insignia buyers prefer the 2.0-litre CDTi diesel engine for their vehicle.