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Renault Clio

6 Common Reasons for Your Renault Clio Not Starting

The Renault Clio has been a beloved hatchback for about 3 decades now. It is inexpensive, oozes practicality, looks stylish, and is built tough. However, it does have some downsides with its engine, oil leakage, and transmission problems. Another common issue is the Renault Clio not starting. Like any other vehicle, a host of battery problems are the usual culprits...

Renault Clio Engine Problems

Renault Clio Engine Problems: 7 Signs To Be Worried

If something small is what you are looking for, the Renault Clio could be the perfect vehicle for you. The French manufacturer has built a reputation for designing affordable vehicles that do not burn your pocket on gasoline. However, you must look at some of the common Renault Clio Engine Problems you could run into. If you consider the reliability index, the most...