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Are Audi Cars Reliable? Here’s The Truth

Are Audi Cars Reliable

Are Audi Cars Reliable? Here’s The Truth

Audi cars are often touted as being incredible luxury vehicles, The German manufacturer is always competing with the best Mercedes and BMW have to offer. However, the question on many people’s minds would be if are Audi cars reliable!

Like any car manufacturer, Audi has had its ups and downs, with models like the 2011 Audi A4 being one of the worst yet and often subject to recalls. However, there have been great models from the brand, which have seen many happy customers and it often boils down to the model that you choose.

Understanding the possible issues surrounding the Audi models would take us ages. However, we will look at some of the possible issues and discuss how long Audi vehicles would last and the overall reliability of these vehicles before you buy one.

Are Audi Cars Reliable?

Are Audi Cars Reliable
Photo by Pixabay

Audi is often seen as one of the top three German car brands. However, the Reliability index gives Audi a score of only 34/40, which is slightly lower than the other German brands like Mercedes and BMW. A recent UK report also suggest that Audi comes in with 167 problems per 100 vehicle, which targets a study of more than 11,000 people.

Reliability Rating AgencyAudi Ranking
Reliability Index34/40
J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability22/24
Consumer Reports7/29 (2019)

As you can see, there are a few conflicting reports and while Audi has changed rankings over the years, it is often on the backend of the ratings, which does not bode well for overall reliability. Keep in mind that this does depend on models and most of these look at the popular Audi A4 and A6 models.

The A4 is popular for being one of the worst second-hand models you can buy and the A6 is single-handedly responsible for 12.9% of all Audi recalls since 1977, which translates to around 112 recalls in the past 45 years.

We should also mention, BMW and Mercedes currently outrank some of the Audi models slightly. However, this is often only by one or two places, which means the three German luxury manufacturers are very similar in the overall reliability rankings.

Overall, the reliability of Audi cars would often depends on the model you choose and can vary significantly from car to car. We should look deeper at some of the common problems to determine how reliable Audi is.

Most Common Reliability Issues Of The Audi

Audi V6 Engine
Photo by Pixabay

Unfortunately, there are a few reliability issues of the Audi that you should be aware of. Here are some of the most common reliability issues often targeting Audi models:

  1. Oil Leaks: If your Audi is not properly maintained, you could be dealing with oil leaks, which often spew out oil into the engine and leads to the possibility of flooding and spark plug damage.
  2. Brake Rotor Issues: The brake rotor issue is more prominent in some of the faster sports models. The car might have a shaking sensation when pressing the brakes.
  3. Leaking Vacuum Pump: Around 100,000, one of the main issues that often overcome the Audi models is the vacuum pump leaking. The problem is a standard issue and often malfunctions when water levels are not checked.
  4. Electrical Issues: Electronics have been one of the biggest issues for Audi drivers and many of the recalls have been due to electrical faults, which often spill over to things like the ignition etc.
  5. Faulty Fuel System: Most Audi recalls often come from the fuel system, which often leaks or feeding problems. The fuel system is one of the most common reasons that Audi models are recalled.

Top 5 Most Prominent Audi Recalls

Brand New Audi
Photo by Pixabay

To gain better insight into these problems, we should also look at some of the most common recalls from the Audi brand. This will give you a better idea of which models and vehicles you should consider avoiding:

Audi ModelNumber Of RecallsRecall Reason
Audi A6112Electrical and fuel system faults
Audi Q571Engine cooling, fuel system faults
Audi A469Ignition issues, fuel system issues,
electrical issues
Audi A354Fuel system, airbags, seat issues
Audi 500050Powertrain, fuel system

If we look at the combination of the Audi A6, Q5, and A4 models, we can see that these vehicles are responsible for almost 50% of all Audi vehicle recalls since the 1970s and the fuel system is the most common fault that Audi owners need to deal with.

Audi Repair Costs

Audi Service
Photo by Pixabay

Determining the repair costs of an Audi is always tricky and not everyone will experience the same problems. If you reach the end of your warranty, there are a few things you should know about what it costs to keep your Audi going:

The service intervals for an Audi without a service plan range from $700 to $875. This would be dictated by mileage and what needs replacing. Here is the price of what it would cost to repair the most common Audi faults:

  • Electricals: $200 – $1,000
  • Coil/ Plug Failure: $250 – $380
  • Exhaust/ Oil Leaks: $135 – $1,650

Considering that these are the most common problems, it is advised that you save a few funds to cover these faults. However, regular service intervals and maintenance would ensure that you don’t need to deal with these problems as often.


Are Audis More Reliable Than BMW?

While BMW might have a higher rating when we consider the reliability index, Audis take the lead when it comes to safety features. In 2022, Audi features 10 vehicles, which have gotten a safety pick award, whereas BMW only boasts 3 vehicles winning a safety pick award.

Both vehicles come with the same type of warranty, which is 4 years/ 50,000 miles in the US. However, with such a small difference in reliability between the two models and Audi having the better safety features, the 2022 series of models proves that Audi is the better car.

Are Audis More Reliable Than Mercedes?

When it comes to Mercedes, this is where the competition gets much closer for Audi. Both have similar reliability ratings when it comes to the reliability index. Additionally, the safety features and warranties for both models are similar.

According to a survey, which looks at the faults of 100 cars, Audi slightly outranks Mercedes and comes in at around number 15. On the other hand, Mercedes comes out in 22nd place. Overall, the Audi seems to be a much more reliable vehicle when asking actual owners of the vehicles to report their problems.

How Much Audi Maintenance Cost Per Year?

If we look at Audi in general, the vehicle could either cost you a lot, or almost nothing. If the vehicle is still under service plan and warranty, this should sort out all the issues. However, the current estimates are that an Audi vehicle would cost you around $987 to maintain each year.

How Many Miles Can An Audi Vehicle Do?

It can be hard to determine how many miles your Audi would last and various factors would affect the distance these vehicles could travel. However, estimates report that an Audi would do anywhere between 150k and 200k miles. This is based on you looking after the vehicle and ensure that it is in optimal driving condition.