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Are Audi Cars Reliable?


Are Audi Cars Reliable?

Are Audi Cars Reliable? Like any car manufacturer, Audi has had its ups and downs, with models like the 2011 Audi A4 being one of the worst yet and often subject to recalls.

However, there have been great models from the brand, which have seen many happy customers and it often boils down to the model that you choose.

Key InformationAudi’s Brand Reputation  
Audi’s Reliability
Common Reliability IssuesOil Problems  
Spark Plug Issues    
Leaking Vacuum Pump  
Brake Rotor Issues    
Electrical Issues  
Gearbox Issues    
Model-Specific IssuesAudi A4 (2011)  
Overall MessageProspective Audi owners should consider the varying reliability across models, be aware of common issues, and gather model-specific information before making a purchasing decision.
Summary Table
Are Audi Cars Reliable ?
Audi Car

Are Audi Cars Reliable – Most common Reliability Issues

A recent survey by Warrantywise, suggests that after asking 750 Britons about the reliability of their Audi vehicle, the car was ranked about 28 out of 36 for dependability. To understand why it has garnered this reputation, we should look at what common faults many motorists experience when investing in an Audi vehicle:

1.      Oil Problems

car oil leaks
Photo by Pixabay

One of the most common problems reported by many Audi owners often has to do with oil issues, which happen under the hood. Occasionally, the gaskets might degrade, which could lead to oil spilling and even flooding the engine.

One of the first methods that you could use to determine this issue is to simply use your nose. You should be able to smell a strong scent of fumes coming from the vehicle and this would also turn into a puddle. It is advised that you often check the oil filters to see whether they are clogged and in working condition.

2.      Spark Plugs

Worn spark plugs
Photo by Pixabay

The spark plug issue is something that has been plaguing numerous vehicles and does not directly apply to the Audi models. Faulty spark plugs are often a result of dirt entering the plugs or them being flooded.

Many Audi models have reported faulty spark plug issues, which often lead to frustration among owners. The symptoms would include misfires and rough idling. One of the silver linings is that replacing spark plugs is easy and cheap. You should remember to check your spark plugs often to see if there are any issues.

3.      Leaking Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump
Photo by Pixabay

While not one of the major issues, the leaking vacuum pump has been reported by Audi owners of the A6. However, the issue is most common once the car reaches around 100,000 miles. The vacuum and water pumps work in synergy with one another and this would often causes some leaks to occur.

Some of the symptoms would include an overheating of the engine and water leaking throughout the engine. Additionally, it makes sense that the Audi models would overheat if you do not refill the water and make sure that the water pump is working.

4.      Brake Rotor Issues

Audi Brake Issues
Photo by Pixabay

The brake rotor issues commonly occur in some of the faster models, especially the sports car models. Due to owners driving at higher speeds, the vehicle would often need to brake hard. Since hard braking can often cause a lot of load on the brake rotors, they might need to be replaced.

One of the symptoms of this issue is often a shaking of the brakes once you reach higher speeds. To combat the issue, we would advise that you have the brakes checked frequently or consider not braking as hard when you reach higher speeds.

5.      Electrical Issues

Car electricals
Photo by Pixabay

While not as severe as some of the other issues, some Audi models have reported electrical issues, which often cause some problems. These can be in the form of electrical wiring not working as it should and it could be due to wear and tear.

The electrical issues we often see are related to common enhancements on the vehicle. These could be due to the battery failing or having to do too much work. The charger ports for your vehicle might often be one of the first to fail. However, there have also been cases of the AC failing.

6.      Gearbox Issues

CVT Transmission
Photo by Pixabay

Gearbox issues often target all vehicles. However, there have been many cases of the gearbox failing in some of these models. The CVT transmission on some of the older Audi models before 2015 is not the best and if you are to replace the transmission, it could be very expensive.

Bear in mind that most of the transmission failures often happen in the sports model editions and these would cripple the gearbox, which reduces the efficacy of the vehicle when you are driving at higher speeds.


How Much Audi Maintenance Cost Per Year?

If we look at Audi in general, the vehicle could either cost you a lot, or it might not cost you anything throughout the year. If the vehicle is still under service plan and warranty, this should sort out all the issues. However, the current estimates are that an Audi vehicle would cost you around $987 to maintain each year.

How Many Miles Can An Audi Vehicle Do?

It can be hard to determine how many miles your Audi would last and various factors would affect the distance these vehicles could travel. However, estimates report that an Audi would do anywhere between 150k and 200k miles if you look after the vehicle and ensure that it is in optimal driving condition.