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Suzuki SX4 front 3/4 view

Suzuki SX4: The 6 Most Common Problems & Repairs

Suzuki SX4 is the Japanese automaker’s subcompact line of cars that started their life as hatchbacks and sedans but eventually jumped into the crossover craze. Like most subcompacts, the SX4 is extremely useful around the city and available at an affordable price. Not to mention an added four-wheel drive option that’s quite rare in its segment. However...

automatic transmission

Suzuki Swift: 4 Automatic Transmission Problems

The affordable and practical subcompact such as Suzuki Swift will always find its niche in the markets across the globe, regardless of the fact we’re living in the age of crossovers. While superminis come with certain advantages, they also tend to exhibit some flaws. Lack of reliability in many segments can be one of them, and this time we’ll be talking...

suzuki swift wont start just clicks

Suzuki Swift Won’t Start, Just Clicks: Causes & Repairs

Subcompact Japanese imports have long been untouchable in terms of affordability and practicality they provide, and the Suzuki Swift is no different. For almost 20 years and through three generations, it’s served as a go-to city car for many. Yet, that doesn’t make it faultless. Some owners are familiar with the situation when their Suzuki Swift...

Common Suzuki Swift Engine Problems

5 Suzuki Swift Common Problems

Suzuki Swift is a quirky supermini known for its affordable price point, ease of use, and fun driving dynamics in urban landscapes. Although the Japanese versions were available earlier, the global iteration of the Swift made its debut in 2004. Since then, the city car has been a success, both critically and commercially. However, no car – especially an...