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renault trafic not starting clicking noise featured

Renault Trafic Not Starting Clicking Noise: Causes and Prevention

The Renault Trafic is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, but occasionally it may have starting problems. If your Renault Trafic is not starting and there is a clicking noise, there could be several causes. The clicking noise you hear is likely the sound of the starter motor engaging but not getting enough power to turn over the engine. This could be...

renault trafic common faults

Renault Trafic Common Faults: 5 Issues & Solutions

The Renault Trafic is a popular mid-sized van that is known for its comfort and fuel efficiency. However, like all vehicles, the Trafic is not without its fair share of common faults. The main issue that seems to plague the Trafic is its electrical system. There have been numerous reports of problems with the van’s battery, alternator, and starter motor. These...

renault master engine problems featured

Renault Master Engine Problems: Causes & Solutions

The Renault Master is a popular commercial van. However, like all vehicles, the Master can have engine problems. Engine problems can cause various symptoms, including reduced power, decreased fuel economy, and engine misfires. In some cases, engine problems can even cause the engine to stall or shut down completely. There are several different causes of engine...

Renault Megane Common Problems

Renault Megane: The 6 Most Common Problems & Solutions

Renault is one of the successful mid-range vehicle brands on the market today and while they have exceptional vehicles, many of these cars are not without fault. The Renault Megane is one of the flagship models of the brand and much like the Ford Mondeo, it is one car that many people turn to when thinking of Renault. However, understanding Renault Megane’s...

Renault Clio Engine Problems

Renault Clio Engine Problems: 7 Signs To Be Worried

If something small is what you are looking for, the Renault Clio could be the perfect vehicle for you. The French manufacturer has built a reputation for designing affordable vehicles that do not burn your pocket on gasoline. However, you must look at some of the common Renault Clio Engine Problems you could run into. If you consider the reliability index, the most...