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squeaking noise when turning at low speeds

Squeaking Noise When Turning At Low Speeds: 8 Possible Causes

Are you hearing a strange squeaking noise when you turn your car at low speeds? If so, there are a few potential causes that you should identify and take steps to fix. The most likely culprit is your vehicle’s power steering system. The power steering belt may be worn and need to be replaced, or the pump may need some lubrication. Additionally, you may need to...

Rear End Clunking Noise When Turning

5 Reasons You Hear A Rear End Clunking Noise When Turning

If you have been driving your vehicle a while and you haven’t heard any noises, it can be disconcerting to have a clunking noise in the rear end when turning. On some Mercedes models up to the late 80s, the clunking noise was common due to the independent rear suspension. However, newer cars should not be making this sound. A worn ball socket is the most...