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Tag - Nissan Transmission

Nissan Maxima Transmission Problems

Nissan Maxima Transmission Problems (5 Causes)

Nissan has become synonymous with CVT transmission problems over the last two decades in various models. However, dealing with the Nissan Maxima transmission problems is one thing many people are often daunted by. It is essential to understand which common problems the Nissan Maxima might have before buying. Premature transmission failure is the most daunting of...

Nissan Navara Not Accelerating

Nissan Navara Not Accelerating: 9 Concerning Reasons & Fixes

The Nissan Navara is one of the oldest vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer and has taken on many different shapes and forms. First released back in 1985, it is still one of the best Nissan pickups that people from around the world rely on. However, dealing with one common issue like the Nissan Navara not accelerating could be frustrating. Various engine issues...