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Car Not Moving Forward In Drive

Car Not Moving Forward In Drive? Why & How To Fix It

Driving your vehicle is supposed to be simple. When you change to “drive” on the transmission and press on the gas pedal or release the brake, the car should be moving forward. However, if you encounter an issue with your car not moving forward in drive it could be frustrating and you need to determine the cause. The main reason for many cars not moving...

Car Stuck In First Gear

Car Stuck In First Gear Suddenly? 5 Reasons You Should Fix It

As a manual car owner, nothing can be as frustrating as not being able to shift gears as you should. You might find that your transmission gradually becomes harder to shift until you are left with a car stuck in first gear. Should this be the case, you might not have any choice but to visit a mechanic to help solve the problem. The most prominent reason for a car...

Nissan Versa Won't Go Into Gear

5 Reasons Why Your Nissan Versa Won’t Go Into Gear

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, without the right maintenance, transmission issues can happen to almost any vehicle. The Nissan Versa is no exception. If your Nissan Versa won’t go into gear it can be one of a few issues, but all of them can usually be avoided by performing regular maintenance on your vehicle. Problems might be different...