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Ford Mondeo Battery Problems

Ford Mondeo Common Battery Problems: Top 4 Fixes

Next to the Ford Cortina, very few cars can stand up and claim to be the flagship of their brand. The Ford Mondeo has taken up the reigns and there are very few general problems to consider. Unfortunately, the battery of a vehicle is dependent on various factors and could often lead to frustrating battery issues. One of the most common issues is that the battery...

Ford Mondeo MK4 Common Problems

Ford Mondeo MK4: 6 Commons Problems & Solutions

While the original Ford Cortina is probably one of the most iconic Ford vehicles, the production of these vehicles eventually had to stop. Another flagship model was introduced in the Ford Mondeo and it has since been one of the most reliable models. However, many people are wondering about the Ford Mondeo MK4 common problems. The vehicle has become iconic due to...