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automatic transmission

Ford Focus: The 5 Most Common Transmission Problems

Ever since its introduction back in 1998, the Ford Focus has been one of the best-selling compact cars in the world. Multiple Car-of-the-Year awards winner and recipient of a plethora of other accolades, the Focus has served its owners faithfully and continues to do the same to this very day. Although it’s been discontinued in North and South American markets...

Ford Focus Engine Service Now Loss Of Power

Ford Focus Engine Service Now & Loss Of Power

The Ford Focus has been touted as one of the best hatchback models from the Ford manufacturer. It has been incrementally improving the engine with each model and when you see the sports models like the ST and RS, you can see the level of performance force has on offer. However, the “Ford Focus engine service now loss of power” is something a few drivers...

Ford Focus Jerking When Accelerating

5 Reasons Your Ford Focus Is Jerking When Accelerating

Whether you have the latest Ford Focus or any other car, a jerking sensation when accelerating is something that many people often deal with. There could be different reasons for this, but it is not often something to worry about if it happens once or twice. The Ford Focus jerking when accelerating is something many people have tried to identify. One of the biggest...

Ford 1.5 EcoBoost Engine Problems

Top 6 Ford 1.5 EcoBoost Engine Problems & Solutions

The original Ford EcoBoost used to have the traditional 1.6L engine back in the day. However, one of the reasons that Ford decided to introduce the 1.5L engines was partly due to Chinese taxes. Chinese vehicle taxes were extremely high on the 1.6L engines, but this dropped significantly with the introduction of the 1.5L EcoBoost. We deem it important to look at the...