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suzuki swift wont start just clicks

Suzuki Swift Won’t Start, Just Clicks: Causes & Repairs

Subcompact Japanese imports have long been untouchable in terms of affordability and practicality they provide, and the Suzuki Swift is no different. For almost 20 years and through three generations, it’s served as a go-to city car for many. Yet, that doesn’t make it faultless. Some owners are familiar with the situation when their Suzuki Swift...

How To Clean Throttle Body Without Removing It

How To Clean Throttle Body Without Removing It

The throttle body is one of the essential parts of your car and regulates the airflow going to the engine. The moment you touch the gas pedal, you are essentially opening the throttle plate to enable more air to pass through the manifold, which eventually passes the air to the engine. Knowing how to clean the throttle body without removing it can be essential for...

Car Stuck In First Gear

Car Stuck In First Gear Suddenly? 5 Reasons You Should Fix It

As a manual car owner, nothing can be as frustrating as not being able to shift gears as you should. You might find that your transmission gradually becomes harder to shift until you are left with a car stuck in first gear. Should this be the case, you might not have any choice but to visit a mechanic to help solve the problem. The most prominent reason for a car...

Nissan Versa Clutch Problems

Nissan Versa Clutch Problems: 6 Reasons To Be Worried

Nissan is by far one of the most reliable brands out there, and while they are not without faults, these seem to be few and far between. The Nissan Versa is a capable vehicle, and while it might not be the most popular, it is one brand you can trust. However, Nissan Versa clutch problems can be daunting for you to deal with. One of the most issues for Nissan Versa...

nissan versa clicking noise

Nissan Versa Clicking Noise When Accelerating

If your Nissan Versa has been exhibiting the clicking noise, don’t worry. This article will provide the possible causes and solutions for this annoying problem. A clicking noise is one of the common problems faced by Nissan Versa owners. It can be related to various suspension, exhaust system, or powertrain components, making it tricky to pinpoint its exact...

Nissan 350z clicking noise

How to Solve The Rear Axle Clicking Noise in Your Nissan 350z

If you own a Nissan 350z, then the chances are you have heard the clicking noise in the rear axle. You can hear it, especially when you start moving from a standstill position, drive at a slow speed, or are driving around corners. The Nissan 350z rear axle clicking noise occurs when the axle nuts become too loose, which is often just a result of daily driving. To...