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tesla 3 charging problems

Most Common Tesla Model 3 Charging Problems

Tesla Model 3 quickly became the go-to electric car of the generation by taking the markets by storm since its inauguration in the second half of 2017. Although offering one of the best-in-class price/range ratios, the best-selling EV in history doesn’t come without problems of its own. Aside from issues related to questionable build quality, owners have...

BMW 530e Charging problems

BMW 530e Charging Problems: Symptoms & Solutions

Most modern hybrids are nothing short of exceptional, and the BMW 530e is no different. It’s a refined luxury saloon, that couples fuel efficiency with punchy performance and subtle style. However, the 530e is far from perfect and does in fact come with several charging problems. In this article, we’ll explore the most common BMW 530e charging problems...

BMW 330e Charging Problems

A Guide to BMW 330e Charging Problems: 5 Common Issues

With the gas prices shooting up nowadays, everybody is looking to move to either electric or hybrid vehicles. Of course, if you want to travel in style, choosing a BMW PHEV is a great option! You will be saving the environment while also saving on gas prices. Like every other car in the market, however, PHEVs have their own problems. This post will thus be about the...