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Tag - Car Maintenance

What if you never wash your car

What Happens If You Never Wash Your Car?

One of the most irritating things for a car owner is to see their car covered in filth. However, not everyone is crazy about their cars. Moreover, laziness strikes everyone. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you never wash your car? So, what would happen if you never clean your car again? Well for starters, it would look absolutely horrid. But, other...

Car Making Squeaking Noise Stops Braking

Car Making Squeaking Noise But Stops When Braking?

In terms of the safety of any vehicle, the brakes are probably one of the most important components to keep in good condition. If your brakes fail while driving, it could lead to significant complications and a squeaking noise from the brakes is often something of concern. It is best to understand a car making a squeaking noise but stops when braking. Before you...