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is bmw 1 series a good first car featured

Is BMW 1 Series A Good First Car? Pros & Cons

When you’re shopping for your first car, it’s important to find a vehicle that is stylish, fun to drive, and packed with the latest safety and technology features. The BMW 1 Series checks all of those boxes and then some. Although it’s a luxury car, the 1 Series is surprisingly easy to drive. It’s also fuel-efficient and easy to maneuver...

BMW 1 Series Engine Problems

BMW 1 Series Engine Problems: 6 Common Faults

BMW is one of the most recognized brands in the world and is often associated with luxury and performance. With a whole host of different car models, the brand is trusted as one of the best German car manufacturers in the world. However, there might be a few BMW 1 series engine problems you should be aware of before buying. If you own the petrol version of the BMW 1...