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Car Not Moving Forward In Drive

Car Wont Go Over 30 MPH: 10 Possible Reasons

If you’ve noticed that your car won’t go over 30 mph, you’re probably wondering what the cause could be. It could be anything from a simple fix to a more serious repair, but either way, it’s important to diagnose the cause immediately. The most common cause of a car not going past 30 mph is that it has gone into limp mode. This safety feature...

audi a3 engine problems

Car Pulling To The Right When Accelerating: 8 Causes & Solutions

Driving a car that pulls to the right when accelerating can be a frustrating and dangerous experience. Not only does it make it difficult to keep the vehicle in a straight line, but it can also lead to uneven tire wear and damage to suspension and steering components. The main cause of a car pulling to the right when accelerating is an issue with the alignment. When...

Car no power

Toyota Corolla Not Accelerating: 5 Causes & Solutions

The Toyota Corolla is a popular and reliable vehicle, but if you experience any issues with it not accelerating as expected, there are a few potential causes to investigate.  A common cause for reduced acceleration is a clogged catalytic converter. A blocked catalytic converter will reduce the airflow in the exhaust system, which affects engine performance and...

Renault Clio Accelerator Problems

6 Renault Clio Accelerator Problems and Their Solutions

The Renault Clio is a car specially catering to the average consumer. It is functional, tough, and has cost-effective ownership. At the same time, it also has some common issues. These include problems with its battery, its clutch, and its transmission. Apart from these issues, there also exist some Renault Clio accelerator problems. For Renault Clio throttle issues...