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Suzuki Wagon R Common Faults: Diagnosis And Solutions

Suzuki Wagon R Common Faults: Diagnosis And Solutions

The Suzuki Wagon R is typically one of Suzuki’s great line of cars that stormed the auto scene as far back as 1993. Thanks to its unique design and reliability. Although disruptive, the Suzuki Wagon R can develop some common faults. This time we will focus on Suzuki Wagon R faults.

Due to its design, the Suzuki Wagon R is compatible with problems like reverse gear problems, panel gap issues, hard steering wheel, and door closing issues. In some cases, you might also battle with bad sound insulation, bad quality tires, and other problems. Notably, some of these problems can be fixed, while others require a total replacement of the parts with a new set. 

To ensure you are making an informed decision on your next purchase, we will be your expert eye. For a best-case scenario, take note of the common faults discussed in this article before you get going. However, if you’re already an owner of this Suzuki model, this article will clearly show you some associated faults to help you identify the exact problem your car faces. OK, let’s dive in. 

Hard Steering Wheel

Hard Steering Wheel
Photo Credit: Unsplash

With numerous complaints from Suzuki Wagon R’s car owners about the hardness of the steering wheel, this setback should definitely be on the top list of its common problems. After driving a Suzuki Wagon R for some time, you’d notice that the steering becomes stiff now, and it becomes soft again after some time. Intermittently, the hard steering wheel begins to respond well again if you shut down your engine and start it again. 

Sometimes this problem continues even after changing the steering column. Recently, it was also noticed in newly purchased Suzuki Wagon R cars, driven for just 950 kilometers. 

Solutions for Hard Steering Wheels

If you’re experiencing this challenge with no power steering, check the quantity of the steering fluid. Possibly, If it is below the minimum, make sure to increase it to the recommended level. The cost of fixing it is less than $1000. 

In addition, check if the steering column is bad. You’d need to repair it if it is. Usually, the costs of repair range from $5000 to $6000.  Although it’s not a guarantee for a smooth-running steering wheel. 

In the case of an electronically controlled power steering issue, it is more of an electrical fault. Hence, check the power steering fuse to know if it’s faulty. A faulty fuse can also cause a steering lock, requiring fuse replacement. 

Door Locking Issues

Suzuki Wagon R Door Locking Issues
Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Suzuki Wagon R door is stiff sometimes and will not open. Prevalently, this issue occurs with the driver’s door because the key opens other doors while the driver’s door remains locked. A faulty door lock or door latch is the major cause of this problem, and such a scenario might require you to force open the door with some locksmith tools. 

Solution to Door Locking Issues

To fix this problem, you’ll need to replace the door lock and the panelling. Replacement is best because forcefully opening the door usually damages the door panel and the lock. Alternatively, a DIY method will not be the best if you’re not experienced in door lock repairs. It’d be better to visit an auto repair workshop to get it examined and fixed by an expert. 

Bad Sound Insulation

Bad Sound Insulation
Photo Credit: Pixabay

You may notice some noise from your Suzuki Wagon R’s cabin, which often becomes louder at high speed. This noisy sound is caused by high revving and some engine faults. Specifically, such engine faults include inadequate engine tuning, low-level engine oil, or low-quality oil. And when the engine doesn’t run properly, bad sound insulation follows suit.

But that’s all. Imperfect wheel alignment can also cause noises. In other cases, bad tires contribute to this noisy sound when the tire’s noise enters the cabin, leading to louder sounds.  

Solution to Bad Sound Insulation 

To fix this properly, rev at a normal range appropriate for your car. Also, ensure you use high-quality engine oil, apply it to the optimal level, and always top it up once it gets low. It’s also advised to perfectly align your wheels and replace every bad tire to control or eliminate every bad sound. 

Reverse Gear Problems

Suzuki Wagon R Reverse Gear Problems
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Although the Suzuki Wagon R has a disruptive design, the complaints related to the reverse gear are too widespread to be omitted in this article. While this issue has been pointed out in old cars, recent research shows that the reverse gear fails to engage when driving new cars as well. 

Most of the time, reverse gear issues are traceable to a loose clutch leading to improper engagement of the clutch. Although fixing the clutch is not a guarantee for the reverse gear to function properly, since other underlying causes might be responsible for the problem. But to be on the safe side, trace other underlying causes to a worn-out reverse idler gear and low transmission oil.  

Solution For The Reverse Gear Problems

To fix this, visit a mechanic’s workshop for a proper diagnosis. But first, make sure to replace the clutch release bearing, then open the gearbox and replace the gear. Other than that, calibration of the master cylinder can help correct a faulty reverse gear.

Wrapping up

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As we promised at the beginning of this article, we have fully discussed Suzuki Wagon R’s common faults. We have also attached expert solutions to match up. On your part, don’t hesitate to take fast action once you notice any anomaly with your car. You can take it to the brand’s auto repair shop or visit an expert for a proper diagnosis and fix. 

However, if your car faces challenges different from the ones mentioned in this article, you can leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Wagon R Engine Good?

Of course, the Suzuki Wagon R engine is good but suffers from some sound emissions when accelerating at high levels. Presently, there’s been a great upgrade from the manufacturers. 

What Is The Fuel Average Of Suzuki Wagon R?

1.0-litre of petrol in the Suzuki Wagon r drives a mileage of 24.35km/l in manual cars, while the automatic car drives 25.19km/l. Also, an engine of 1.2-liters of petrol will drive 23.56km/l in manual cars and 24.43km/l in automatic cars. 

What Engine Is In Suzuki Wagon R? 

The Suzuki Wagon r has two types of engines. The 1.0-liter engine and the 1.2-liter gas engine. 

What Is The Petrol Tank Capacity For Wagon R?

The Suzuki Wagon r tank capacity is between 32 and 60 liters.