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Suzuki Baleno or Swift Which Is Better

Suzuki Baleno Or Swift: Which Is Better?

Suzuki has slowly been designing some of the most affordable and reliable cars in the world. However, the Suzuki Baleno and Swift are two of their flagship models, with similar pricing and specs that one can hardly choose between. However, when it comes to Suzuki Baleno Or Swift which is better is a topic many argue about.

Suzuki Baleno or Swift which is better? The Baleno is one of the vehicles that has made a name for itself due to its spacious interior and boot. The Swift tends to feature more when it comes to interior design and riding quality. For those willing to spend a few extra bucks, the Swift would be the optimal choice from the Suzuki brand.

Since this is such a hot topic, we must draw a comparison between the two and ensure new buyers know what they are getting into when buying either one of these vehicles. This article aims to help you understand whether the Suzuki Baleno or Suzuki Swift would be the better option for you.

Suzuki Baleno Or Swift Which Is Better?

The best way to understand which of these vehicles would offer you the best value for your money is to break them down. Using some of the most important specs car buyers look at, we can break down whether the Swift or Baleno could be the best purchase for your needs. Here is how they stack up when compared:

Suzuki Baleno Or Swift for Engine & Performance?

Suzuki Engine
Photo by Pixabay

Baleno: The Baleno features 1.4-liter naturally aspirated engine with four cylinders. It can create about 68kW of power and 130Nm of torque. Since it is only 915kg in total weight, it is light enough that you would see significant speeds. The four-speed automatic transmission might seem old but still delivers enough performance for the price.

Swift: For the Swift, you will get a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder engine, which produces around 66kW of power and can deliver about 120Nm of torque. It is available in various models, with the GLX being the top-of-the-line version. The model comes with a CVT, which is often automatic, but you can save almost $1,000 when opting for the 5-speed manual.

Suzuki Baleno Or Swift for Design & Trim?

Suzuki Baleno At Night
Photo by Pixabay

Baleno: The Baleno features a more fluid design, which Suzuki says resembles the flow of the brand. It features a large grille, which often overpowers the rest of the car and can make it look bulky. However, the interior is where the magic happens. Yes, it might have some cheap hardened plastic, but the spacious boot and large interior give you plenty of comfort.

Swift: The Swift still looks the same and has only gotten slightly more fashionable when we look at the trim. The size on the outside gives a feeling the car is slightly smaller than the Baleno inside. This is unfortunately true and inside, you won’t be blown away. However, the patterned seats and interior does look slightly more fashionable.

Suzuki Baleno vs Swift: Fuel Consumption

Car fuel gauge
Photo by Pixabay

Baleno: You must compare the actual fuel consumption to that stated by the manufacturer. From our tests, the Baleno gives around 6.5L/100km. However, this varies depending on where and how you are driving. It features a small 37-liter tank, which the manufacturer claims will give you around 500km.

Swift: Fuel consumption of the Swift is very similar to that of the Baleno and you would also get around 6.5L/100km. Keep in mind that the manufacturer lists it at 4.8L/100km, which might be slightly off the actual range. You will also receive a 37-liter tank, which should give you about 500km in total.

Suzuki Baleno Or Swift for safety features?

Suzuki Safety Features
Photo by Pixabay

Baleno: The Baleno does not have any magic safety features you would expect in some modern cars. However, it still gives you 6 airbags and ABS, with traction control for additional stability. The reverse camera is a great addition to safety, but the advanced safety features might be slightly lacking.

Swift: The Swift is where you would find more advanced safety features like the blindspot monitoring feature and cross-traffic alert. Advanced safety features like forward collision warning and a rear camera are one of the main safety features. Keep in mind that the safety features vary depending on the model that you are choosing.

Suzuki Baleno vs Swift: The Price

Selling a car
Photo by Pixabay

Baleno: The Baleno is the cheaper of the two and the opening price would be around $17,000 for the entry-level model which is the GL model. You will receive 15-inch wheels and a 7-inch touchscreen display, which includes Sat Nav. The price increases as you are going up the chain and buying some of the more expensive models with more performance.

Swift: The Swift is one of the more expensive options and pricing could start at around $19,000 for the entry-level GL model. Keep in mind that it comes with slightly larger 16-inch wheels, which feature alloy rims instead of the steel on the Baleno. This would give you access to some of the basic features. However, the more expensive GLX and Sport models would include a better performance with the turbo on the Sport making a big difference.


Suzuki Interior
Photo by Pixabay

Determining a clear winner or stating that one is better than the other is one of the toughest things you could do. The Swift is slightly more modern and features a few additional safety features. However, you will notice these extras in the price. The Baleno tends to be more spacious but features a dull look that many people might not like.

In essence, if you just want something that would get you from point A to point B, the Baleno is a reliable and safe car to get the job done. However, it is not free from any issues. The Swift is slightly better but more expensive and when comparing it to the new Kia Picanto, the Picanto might be the better option.


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