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Nissan Rogue Clicking Noise: 6 Possible Causes & Solutions

nissan rogue clicking noise

Nissan Rogue Clicking Noise: 6 Possible Causes & Solutions

If your Nissan Rogue makes a clicking noise when starting the vehicle, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this issue, and there’s no one clear answer as to what’s causing it.

The noise could be coming from the wheels or the engine itself. The answer can only be sought after you get it checked by an expert.

Until you spare some time to get the vehicle checked, let us lay down the possible reasons for the clicking noise arising from your Nissan Rogue, which is seemingly making you uneasy. Do you want to know more? Let’s get into it!

What Does The Nissan Rogue Clicking Noise Sound Like?

a car engine
The engine of a car | Photo credit: Unsplash

Noises coming from your car, be of any sort, can be quite worrisome, especially if you doubt the engine to be a source of it. Some noises are easy to identify, others like the clicking noise, and its source can be hard to deal with.

But what exactly is a clicking noise? When should you take it seriously and get the car checked?

If you’ve ever paid attention to your clock on the wall ticking, this noise is pretty much similar to it but more rapid and loud.

At times, you might even experience hefty jerks or vibrations along with the noise when igniting the car and thus, make sure you get the Nissan Rogue checked for the cause of it.

Understanding the Different Types of Clicking Sounds

Is there a way you can identify the problem by the type of clicking noise you are experiencing with your car? To some extent, yes, but it is always advisable to get your car checked to rule out serious issues and get them resolved.

Here are the different types of clicking noises that you might experience at any point in time:

Multiple Clicks

When you insert the key in the ignition, turn it, and your car starts with multiple ticking sounds and then goes out, it indicates that there isn’t enough charging produced by the battery to power the engine.

Hence, recharge the battery, or get it replaced if it is dead already.

A Single Click

When you are trying to start your car, and it makes one loud clicking sound and switches off, it implies a problem with the starter or the alternator, which needs to be checked and replaced if needed.

Friction Noises

Cold friction noises are a bit more fierce. The reason might be that the serpentine belt is wearing out, or the tensioner roller/damper pulley is worn out. You can visually identify this or take your car to a mechanic.

Grinding Or Squealing Noise

If there’s a grinding or squealing noise when you start your Nissan rogue and the engine eventually starts, the problem might be with the injectors and air intake system. Although you can still drive around in this case, a bad air/fuel mixture translates to decreased engine performance.

6 Reasons Why Your Nissan Rogue is Making a Clicking Noise

Generally, a clicking noise is produced when the pinion gear on the starter crashes into the flywheel due to a lack of power from a dying battery. Hence, the decreased lubrication and loss of power puts a strain on the engine, and so, you hear that “ticking noise” from the car.

But it isn’t the only problem that could be and so, here is more that you should know:

1. Defective Starter

starter motor
Starter motor | Photo credit: Pixabay

Cause: When you ignite the Nissan Rogue, and it starts making a clicking noise without proper ignition, you might be dealing with a faulty starter.

When the battery dies, it is unable to power the starter/alternator (a small motor that helps the engine to start), and hence, with the lack of power, the car rapidly turns on and off, creating that clicking noise

Solution: A point to remember here is that a faulty alternator/starter is just a symptom of an underlying problem and should be closely checked by a professional to replace it.

But in the meantime, try taping the starter to see if it can hold enough to allow you to drive the car a few blocks till you find a mechanic and get it checked thoroughly.

2. A Dead Battery

Car’s battery | Photo credit: Unsplash

Cause: When you are unable to start your car and hear clicking noises rising from it, the most common cause of it can be a dead battery. When the Nissan Rogue’s battery loses its charge, it fails to power the engine, and hence, you hear the noise without being able to move the car forward even an inch.

Solution: When you are dealing with a dead battery, try cleaning the terminals and recharging it to see if it works. And if it doesn’t, get the battery replaced as soon as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, a multimeter should read 12.2V to 12.6V when connected across the terminals of the battery.

3. Loose Battery Terminals

battery connected to jump leads
Car’s battery with jumper cables | Photo credit: Pixabay

Cause: If you have experienced a bumpy ride recently, then you might have gotten the terminals and cords lost with the jumps.

Yes, the terminals on the battery can leave their position if the car has been cruising through uneven terrain. Thus, the loose cable and terminals attached to the battery fail to fully power the engine, resulting in the clicking noise you are just experiencing.

Solution: Open the bonnet of your Nissan Rogue and have a closer look at the terminals and cables. If they look loose, tighten them there, and you should be good to go.

Moreover, if you observe that the terminals are corroding — covered in a black/greenish substance — just sprinkle some baking soda and pour hot water to clean them.

4. Worn Out Serpentine Belt

serpentine belt
Vehicle’s gear, belts, and motor | Photo credit: Pixabay

Cause: If you’ve already checked the batteries and the engine for the clicking noise but found nothing, you now might need to take a closer look at the serpentine belt of your Nissan Rogue

A worn-out serpentine belt can lead to discontinuation of power to the steering, making the wheel difficult to move. Moreover, a broken serpentine belt can affect your car’s cooling system by blocking the circulation of water through the engine, causing it to overheat and make those weird clicking noises that you are experiencing right now.

Sometimes the timing belt is also the culprit. But typically, a faulty timing belt will produce a squealing or squeaking sound.

A drive belt or drive belt tensioner can also hang loose after repeated use and cause the belt to tap against the car, hence the ticking noise. In some cases, the car won’t even start.

Solution: If you’ve found the belt to be broken or worn out, you need to get it replaced by a professional ASAP, or else you’ll only be doing more damage to your car than any good by driving it like this.

5. Low Oil Pressure

oil in car
Engine oil | Photo credit: Unsplash

Cause: Another reason why you might be experiencing ticking noise from your Nissan Rogue is the disruptive oil levels. When the engine oil levels drop below par, it fails to build up pressure to lubricate the engine, and so, the pistons burn out quickly, as indicated through the ticking noise.

Solution: Make a habit of checking the dipstick regularly and maintaining the engine oil levels to avoid unnecessary problems.

6. Worn Out Silent Blocks Or Rubber Mounts

Car engine | Photo credit: Unsplash

Cause: If you have driven your car more than 100,000 km, the chances are that some engine silent blocks or rubber mounts have drawn their last breath. Know that the clicking noise will be accompanied by strong vibrations in this case.

Dual-mass flywheels also make a crank noise even when the car is hot. Make sure you get it checked by a mechanic.

Solution: You can’t really do much except identifying that the silent blocks or rubber mounts have worn out. A mechanic will help you swap them out.


When should I be worried about the clicking noise rising from my Nissan Rogue?

Although minor ticking sounds from the car are considered pretty normal, if the noise gets louder and stronger, you need to get it checked ASAP to rule out any serious problems with your car.

The more you use your car, the faster the silent blocks, rubber mounts, serpentine belt, and timing belt will wear out. It’s important that you take your Nissan Rogue for regular inspections.

What other problems can lead to the Nissan Rogue’s ticking noise besides the engine?

If your engine is healthy and running, then you need to look for other possible causes of the clicking noise that may draw you back towards a worn-out axle, a faulty alternator, burned spark plugs, bad struts, broken CV joints, loose hubcaps, etc. Visit an expert mechanic to get the car checked and repaired if needed.

My Nissan Rogue produces rapid clicks when trying to start the car, but the lights work just fine, Why?

Rapid clicks when trying to start the engine are a clear indicator that the starter motor isn’t getting enough electrical current for ignition. The main culprit is a dying battery under the hood. If you try to start the car and the headlights go dim, the battery needs to be recharged/replaced.

Final Thoughts

nissan rogue
Blue Nissan Rogue | Photo credit: Unsplash

While a clicking noise may be unsettling, it’s important not to panic. Many drivers have experienced this issue, and there is likely a solution. For some, the ticking noise could be a hint of a dying battery while for others, it could be a faulty starter or a worn-out serpentine belt.

Even though the source of the problem varies, the reason behind it remains the same and that is your Nissan Rogue needs expert attention immediately, especially if the noise is getting louder by the day. 

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