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7 Common Nissan Qashqai Battery Problems & Solutions

Nissan Qashqai Battery Problems

7 Common Nissan Qashqai Battery Problems & Solutions

A Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover SUV (sport utility vehicle) produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. The first set of this brand was sold as Nissan Dualis until 2014 when its name changed to Nissan Qashqai. It is also known as the Nissan Rogue Sport in the United States of America.

Nissan Qashqai battery – what to know about the battery

The Nissan Qashqai battery is located at the front, on the left side, to be precise, on the driver’s side.

Nissan Qashqai uses a 12 volt, 60 amperes hour Ah battery with a 510 Ampere cranking rating. This car brand won’t work well with a battery that has a higher or lower voltage than the original battery voltage. The implication of this is that when the voltage is higher, it leads to damage of the starter motor and the new battery itself. Also, when the battery voltage is lower than the normal battery voltage, the battery will be undercharged, meaning it won’t be able to work well with the vehicle.

Types of Nissan Qashqai’s batteries

changing a car battery

Nissan Qashqai makes use of two different types of fuel which could either be diesel or petrol depending on the model but not both. Likewise, the type of battery to be used for a Nissan Qashqai is dependent on the type of engine.

For instance:

A Qashqai with a 2.0 dCi SUV engine will make use of a 096 AGM(Absorbent Glass Mar) battery, the same battery can also be used for a Qashqai with a 2.0 dCi AWD SUV car engine, and they both make use of diesel as fuel. However, some Qashqai car engines make use of 068 AGM. An example is the 1.6 SUV, which uses petrol as fuel. Other Qashqai car engines make use of different battery types as well.

7 Major battery problems faced by Nissan Qashqai users

a nissan car

As a Nissan Qashqai user, some common problems might hinder the proper running of your car. Your car battery could be faulty as a result of so many things. It could be a weak or dead battery, resulting from a dead battery, terminal corrosion, faulty alternator, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, defective fuel injector, and faulty starter motor.

Weak or dead battery

testing a car battery
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When the battery of your Nissan Qashqai is old and has been used for a while, the battery cells begin to go weak, causing low activity or inactivity of the battery. This shows from the sounds your car gives and when your car becomes slow and difficult to start. 

What needs to be done is to run a test on the battery to know the battery’s voltage, which will determine if you’ll have to get a new battery or probably get the current battery charged.

Battery terminals corrosion

checking the health of car battery
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Corrosion of the battery terminals results from the release of hydrogen gas from the sulfuric acid contained in your car battery. This could lead to loss of contact between your car and the battery, thereby causing your car engine not to start properly.

To get rid of corrosion in your Nissan Qashqai battery, you need to clean the corroded area of the battery. It is very advisable to remove the terminal cables before cleaning and reconnect them after cleaning to prevent electricity spark and electrocution. The best practice is to remove the negative terminal before the positive terminal of the battery. 

Faulty alternator

a faulty car alternator
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The alternator is responsible for supplying the battery with direct current (DC) power. It is also responsible for charging the car battery on the go, meaning it charges your car battery as you drive. So definitely, if anything goes wrong with the alternator, it will be a problem for the battery and the car at large.

When the alternator is faulty, you need to get it changed. If you don’t change it and you get another battery, the faulty alternator will undoubtedly wear out the new battery, causing the same problem.

Clogged fuel filter

replacing a fuel filter
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The fun part about your Nissan Qashqai fuel filter is that it doesn’t wear out like most car parts, but it can be blocked by dirt and particles from fuel settlement with time. This leads to a decrease in the permeability of the fuel filter, which causes issues to the engine. This means a blocked fuel filter won’t allow fuel to pass through, causing an inadequate fuel supply to the engine.

It is advisable to change the fuel filter to prevent your car engine from being damaged due to a blocked fuel filter since it can’t be cleaned.

Bad fuel pump

speedometer on car

When a car’s fuel pump breaks down, the car engine won’t start. The same thing applies to your Qashqai’s fuel pump. What the fuel pump does is that it makes sure the right amount of fuel is passed from the fuel tank to the injection system of the car engine, as well as the right amount of pressure. 

Before your fuel pump starts acting up, it gives some signs like:

• Difficulty in starting your car

• Annoying sound from the fuel tank

• Reduction in the engine’s performance

• Constant breakdown of your car engine

• Increased temperature of your car engine.

To fix the bad fuel pump of your Qashqai then you have to replace it. There are other things you can do before you decide to change it.

• Apply external pressure 

• Make use of fuel pressure gauge

• Maintain your car engine’s heat.

Defective Fuel injector

replacing fuel injectors
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The fuel injector of your Qashqai works hand in hand with the fuel pump. While the fuel pump is responsible for passing the right amount of fuel to the injection system, the fuel injector delivers the fuel to the car engine at the right time to ensure that there’s clean and thorough combustion.

Your Qashqai fuel injector should be maintained regularly to prevent it from being blocked, which could result in a faulty fuel injector. If you notice a strange vibration of your car engine, bad emission from the car’s exhaust, issues with starting your car, increased fuel consumption, and fuel leakage, you should check out your fuel injector.

Once the fuel injector is faulty or dead, it can’t be repaired but can only be changed to the same type of fuel injector but a newer version. In a case where the injector is not bad, you can take it to an automobile shop to get it cleaned up by professionals.

Faulty starter motor

the starter motor
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Your Nissan Qashqai can come to life thanks to the starter, which is responsible for starting your car engine. What happens when you hear a clicking sound when you start your car? It isn’t very pleasant, right? This shows a problem with the starter motor and must be fixed immediately to get rid of any inconvenience.

To get rid of this fault, you have to visit a trusted automobile shop to get it fixed, but you can always push the car to start for the main time.

Things to take note of when looking out for your Nissan Qashqai battery.

• Old or weak battery

• How the car sounds when you turn the ignition key.

• Slow to start or difficulty in starting the car.

• Dim engine light and headlights.

• Battery and engine temperature.

• Your maintenance of the car battery also matters.

How Do I Maintain the battery of my Nissan Qashqai?

To prolong the battery life of your Nissan Qashqai, you need to know the following information about your vehicle, which could save you a lot of inconveniences.

• The vehicle type. For example, Qashqai 1.5Dci 78kw, 1.6 SUV

• The fuel type, is it Diesel or Petrol? This will prevent knocking of your car engine.

• The year the vehicle was manufactured, and it ranges from 2007 and above. This will help you with how to maintain your care.

When you know all these, it will be easier for you to know what battery type your Qashqai needs and how well you need to take care of your car. 

a car engine


How long should a battery last in a Qashqai?

The battery life of an average Qashqai battery ranges between 3-5 years. It’s all dependent on how often you use your car, your cleaning routine, the general maintenance, and environmental condition such as temperature.

Can I jumpstart my Nissan Qashqai?

Yes, you can jumpstart your Nissan Qashqai if you’re sure that it’s the battery that is causing the problem. All you need is the aid of jumper cables alongside a very good battery from another vehicle with the right voltage.

How do you change the battery in a Nissan Qashqai?

To change a Nissan Qashqai battery, the first thing to do is to know the battery location and then run a battery test. Get the correct battery type, get rid of the faulty battery, and then mount the new battery while correctly connecting it to the car.

How do I start a Nissan Qashqai with a dead battery?

With the aid of a good battery from another vehicle, you can always start your Nissan Qashqai from a dead battery. However, the best thing to do is to get your dead Qashqai battery charged or changed.

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