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Nissan Micra Not Starting After A Battery Change: How To Fix It

Nissan Micra not starting

Nissan Micra Not Starting After A Battery Change: How To Fix It

The Nissan Motor Company is a specialist in making performance cars for everyday rides. The Nissan Micra is one such portable performance car that has been around for decades; since 1982. Like many older cars, some owners have noted various problems over the years. Some have reported their Nissan Micra not starting after the battery change.

The Nissan Micra not starting after battery change may result from faulty battery terminals, bad fuel pumps, faulty security system, sensor issues, etc.

This article will reveal the possible reasons why your Nissan Micra is not starting. We’ll also highlight the best fixes to address that issue.

Why Does My Nissan Micra Not Start After A Battery Change?

Photo Credits: Unsplash

Blown Fuse Or Loose Battery Terminals

This will result from electrical issues. Your Nissan Micra will not start if the fuse box is faulty or has a blown terminal fuse. Another reason could be that the battery terminals aren’t contacting the leads or making enough contact. 

When that’s the case, lights wouldn’t even appear on the dashboard when you switch on the ignition. That would be a possible cause if you weren’t experiencing this issue before changing the battery. Head over to the bonnet and tighten the battery terminals, ensuring the fuse is okay.

 If the dashboard lights still refuse to come up, check the battery and be sure you didn’t replace the existing battery with a dead one. The next thing to do is disconnect the battery terminals and wait 30 seconds before connecting them back. That should solve the Nisan Micra not starting after the battery change issue if it’s a terminal-related problem.

Bad Spark Plugs

bad spark plugs
Photo Credits: Unsplash

Ignition systems utilize spark plugs to transmit current to your car’s combustion chamber. The spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, which fires the engine to start. 

A dead spark plug will be useless and will not be able to ignite a spark in the combustion chamber that can kick start your engine. That could be why your Nissan Micra is not starting after a battery change. Buy and replace your spark plugs and try again.

Other Possible Causes

Other possible reasons your car’s engine is not starting include fuel injection issues, bad fuel pump, faulty catalytic converter, bad engine sensors, and so on. Your car won’t start if it’s not getting enough fuel into the combustion chamber. However, it’s not likely going to be any of these if everything was working fine until you changed your Nissan battery.

Dead Key Fob Battery

Dead Key Fob Battery
Photo Credits: Unsplash

Most modern cars will not start without the key fob interacting with the car. It entails that your key fob must be within range and should be able to transmit signals to the car through the transponder chip. 

If your Nissan Micra’s key fob battery is dead, it will not be able to communicate with the engine immobilizer: which is the security system responsible for that. However, if the battery is okay and the vehicle seems in good shape whereas it’s not starting, replace your key fob’s battery if due to ensure you are on the right track. 

After you’ve done everything and it’s not starting, head over to the next subtopic where I detail the possible hacks to fix the Nissan Micra not starting after the battery change problem.

How To Fix Nissan Micra Not Starting After Battery Change

battery replacement
Photo Credits: Unsplash

If your dashboard lights come on and the car won’t start after following these procedures, the issue will likely result from a security problem; your Nissan Micra may need a reset. Most cars will trigger some security checks when you swap their batteries because they lose the information stored in their memory. If that’s the case, I’ll outline possible tricks to reset your Nissan Micra and bring it back to life.

#1. Unplug and Plug Back the I-Key fuse:

This is an old way of resetting your car if it gets stuck and won’t start after changing the battery. Locate the fuse box and unplug the I-Key fuse. Please wait for 1 minute before plugging it back in. Your Nissan Micra should start after that.

#2. The 30-Minute Trick:

If you’ve tried what was mentioned above and it doesn’t work, swap the battery terminals and reconnect the leads with a wire if necessary. Give it 30 minutes, then unplug the terminals from the battery. Enter your car and switch the ignition to the “on” position. Head back to the bonnet and reconnect the battery terminals. The ECU should reset after that, and your Nissan Micra will be ready to fly.

#3. Switch the ignition key to the on position, head over to the bonnet, disconnect the battery terminals (the negative lead), and reconnect after 30 seconds.

Switch off the ignition and attempt to start the vehicle. 

#4. If it doesn’t start after the last step, lock up your Nissan Micra and unlock it again. Insert the key into the ignition point and switch it to the “on” position. Wait for 5 minutes and switch off your car again. Try to start again. Your car should kick off right away.

#5. Finally, take it to the mechanic: If you’ve tried these tricks and your car seems not to respond positively

Note: These tips would be helpful if your battery terminals are okay and lights come up on the dashboard when you turn the ignition. Also, if you’ve tried other possible fixes and your vehicle isn’t coming on. 

Pro Tip – Buy a memory/battery saver to plug into your CIG port anytime you want to swap the battery. That will help save your engine management system from losing memory, which leads to your Nissan Micra not starting after the battery change.

Last Words

engine bay
Photo Credits: Unsplash

Nissan Micras are great cars for the average car user. Is your Nissan Micra not starting after a battery change? Hopefully, we’ve shown you the possible causes and fixes to get your car back on the road. Try the tricks and share your experience with us in the comments below.

Why is Nissan Micra Not Starting?

Your Nissan Micra won’t start if its solenoid fails or the starter switch gets bad. Other Nissan Micra starting issues could result from weak or corroded battery terminals, fuel system failure, weak key fob battery, a faulty sensor, or engine failure.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge A Dead Car Battery?

It will take about 10 hours to a full day to charge a car battery. The duration of the charge will depend on the extent of the drain.

How Do I Start My Nissan Micra After Replacing The Battery?

Close all 4 doors and the boot. Lock and unlock your Nissan Micra. Enter the vehicle and put the key in the ignition; turn the switch to “on.” Wait five minutes and then turn the vehicle off again. Give it another go and see if you can get better results. You should be able to start your car right away.

What Are Common Problems With Nissan Micra?

The common problems in a Nissan Micra include a failed catalytic filter, an overheating ignition switch, and faulty mass air flow sensors. You could also experience engine failure, fuel pump, or injector issues, and may find it hard to start your Nissan Micra after a battery change. 

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