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Nissan Altima Noise When Accelerating (How To Fix It)

Nissan Altima Noise When Accelerating (How To Fix It)

Nissan Altima noise is something most users seem to have a recurring complaint about the brand. The noise is mostly noticed when accelerating. The Nissan Altima has been in the market since 1992. It is one of the most popular mid-size sedans known for being lightweight and affordable. The sixth and current generation of the Altima brand has been in production since 2019 and possesses a four-cylinder engine instead of the V6 powertrain available in its predecessors.

 A lot of users are bothered about the Nissan Altima noise issue and rightly so because a noisy car can be unsettling, and not to mention dangerous. It means there is an issue with the car which has to be fixed immediately or risk further damage to both the car and the driver.

The noises differ and could mean different things. Whatever the noise is, this article helps you identify the possible causes and how to fix them.

Here Is Why Your Nissan Altima Makes Noise When Accelerating

 The noise from your Altima when accelerating is most likely caused by a problematic alternator belt. However, there are other possible reasons why your Altima is noisy while accelerating and we have listed them below.

Bad Alternator

faulty alternator
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The alternator belt supplies power to the auxiliary part of your engine and just like most belts, it can wear off due to friction. If this happens and the alternator goes completely bad, you risk having engine failure in your hands. The noise from your Altima could be a red flag which indicates that the alternator is slackening. If indeed the noise in your car is due to the alternator, you’d most likely see your battery light come on in the dashboard.

What Do You Do In This Case?

Quickly check the condition of your alternator and the tension. If the alternator is bad then you should take the car to an automobile technician to change it. If you are a fan of DIY, you can follow the steps here to change it yourself.

Problematic Power Steering

Nissan Altima
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Another reason why your Nissan Altima is making a loud noise when accelerating might be because there is a problem with the power steering pump. The function of the pump is to pressurize the fluid into the steering gear so the driver can turn the steering with ease. When there isn’t enough fluid, this causes the power steering pump to make a whining noise. To be sure this noise is from the power steering, try turning the wheel either to the left or right without acceleration. If the sound becomes louder, then it is the power steering pump. You can also check out this article for other possible power steering issues and solutions.

What Do You Do In This Case?

Check the hydraulic fluid in your car. If it is low, do a top-up.

Aged CVT Fluid

mechanics working on car
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If your Nissan Altima is noisy when you accelerate, it could be that your CVT fluid needs changing. The CVT (continuously variable transmission) fluid is responsible for the smooth functioning of the CVT gearbox. Since 2002, every Nissan Altima car has a CVT gearbox so it is vital you check the CVT fluid regularly, just as you would check the coolant or water. This regular oil change is serious as your car might enter safe mode if the CVT oil level is low. The CVT fluid, when absent or worn thin would cause friction in your gearbox, and this friction is what leads to the whining noise you hear when you accelerate your Nissan Altima. To be certain your car is whining because it needs a fluid change, the check engine light will show on your dashboard.

What Do You Do In This Case?

Check the CVT fluid and top-up. It is recommended that you change your CVT fluid every 50000 kilometers. When changing the oil, ensure you use the correct fluid. For the Nissan Altima, the best CVT fluid is the NS-3.

Problematic Wheel Bearing

back wheel bearings
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A problematic wheel bearing can also cause your Nissan to give off a humming noise. In this case, the faster you go, the louder the noise. If the noise is indeed caused by the wheel bearing, the noise will keep changing whenever you turn left or right. The wheel bearing is affected by the weight the car takes, the impact it gets on the road, and the driving style of the driver. If you are a rough driver, chances are that your wheel bearing will be defective a lot faster. A bad wheel or tire alignment can also cause the wheel bearing to squeal while you accelerate.

 What Do You Do In This Case?

Take your Nissan Altima to the automobile repair shop where the wheel bearing will be fixed.

Catalytic Converter Issues

Catalytic Converter
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Your vehicle could be making that rattling noise because there is an issue with the catalytic converter. It could be that the ceramic part of the converter is broken or cracked. The cracks are usually due to residue build-up or the use of low-grade fuel. Another reason why your converter is rattling might be because some parts are loose and need to be tightened. If the converter is the problem, you will hear the noise emanating from under your feet.

 What Do You Do In This Case?

Take your car to the automobile repair shop and have the catalytic converter cleaned with sodium hydroxide if it is clogged or replaced if it is cracked or broken.

Final Words

No one wants to have a noisy car and no one should because it is discomfiting and dangerous. Once you notice any unusual noise on your Nissan Altima, do a quick check for some of the reasons listed above. If you can, fix the issues that come up, if not, take your car to an automobile repair shop for proper diagnosis and repair. You can also check out some other articles about Nissan’s problems and their possible solutions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nissan Altima
Photo Credit: Pixabay

How Much Does It Cost To Diagnose Car Noise?

The average cost of diagnosing car noise ranges from $85 to $130. This price however is subject to change depending on your location, car type, and specific reason for the noise.

Will Check Engine Light Come on If Catalytic Converter is Bad?

The check engine light can come on if the catalytic converter is bad. It comes on when the car has any issue relating to the engine.

Why Does My Car Sound Like A Lawn Mower When I Accelerate?

If your Nissan Altima sounds like a lawn mower whenever you accelerate, then it is possible that your exhaust system is cracked or broken and consequently, leaking. If you notice this, take your car to the automobile repair shop asap.

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