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6 Common Ford Mondeo Transmission Problems With Solutions

Ford Mondeo Transmission Problems

6 Common Ford Mondeo Transmission Problems With Solutions

There are very few cars that have been called a “world car”. The Ford Mondeo might be the most popular Ford outside the US. It’s a favorite due to its large size, great drivability, fuel-efficiency, etc. But the car’s reliability has been criticized at times due to some battery and gearbox issues. We’ll talk about the latter here. So, what are the Ford Mondeo transmission problems?

Ford Mondeo transmission issues vary from bad or leaking fluids all the way to a bad clutch pack. The torque convertor or gearbox solenoid can also cause trouble. Other culprits include a host of electronic problems and TCM issues. Bad transmission bands can also give you a tough time and they can be dangerous on the road.

If you encounter a problem with your Mondeo’s gearbox, then you should have some knowhow before going to a technician or DIY. Hence, the following are some common Ford Mondeo transmission problems and their solutions.

Fluid Problems

checking oil dipstick
Image by Skica911 from Pixabay

There are numerous fluid-related issues that can butcher a transmission. The most common one is that transmission fluid hasn’t been changed at the recommended time interval. Apart from old fluid, you could have also filled up with the wrong fluid.

Symptoms: The result? You could get the ‘transmission limited function’ message. You could also experience higher RPMs than usual, along with a decreased fuel economy. If you keep driving on, your Mondeo may even stop moving.

Solution: If you’ve used the wrong oil, then you’ll have to flush it and fill up the car again. If you haven’t had the oil changed at the right time and you get the message above, your transmission may be failing.

Cost: A tranny flush will cost you about the same as the price of the fluid. A transmission change may cost as much as $10k if you go to an authorized dealer.

Damaged Clutch-Pack

Clutch plate
Image by ypkorea from Pixabay

Another one of the Ford Mondeo transmission problems is when the clutch pack’s surroundings fall apart. This is made out of plastic and when it breaks, the broken bits get into the gearbox solenoid, which eventually stops working.

Symptoms: You’ll normally get a Check Engine light for this. The car will shift in a harsher manner and some gears won’t be selected.

Solution: Unfortunately, a transmission rebuild is the only solution once the damage has been done.

Cost: A transmission rebuild will cost you about $10,000 from Ford, as mentioned above.

Bad Convertor

Ford Mondeo Transmission Problems
Image by GREGOR from Pixabay

A torque convertor is one of the most important components of an automatic gearbox. It can go bad for a number of reasons such as loose bolts, bad/low transmission fluid, and worn-out O-rings.

Symptoms: The transmission will slip at all sorts of speeds, the car will shudder, and there’ll be clunking sounds.

Solution: You’ll have to diagnose the problem first; remember if you’ve changed the fluid on time. Also, check the fluid levels and if there are any leakages. Look for bad seals and for any bolts that may be lose.

Cost: The transmission fluid is relatively cheap but having it changed will cost you a total of at least $100. O-rings and lose bolts are almost negligible when it comes to pricing if you go DIY.  

Transmission Leakage

Low oil
Image by Alexander Fox | PlaNet Fox from Pixabay

Low fluid levels can be dangerous and are the cause of several Ford Mondeo transmission problems. This usually happens because of leaks in the gearbox.

Symptoms: You’ll experience transmission slipping at first and if the issue is not fixed, you can ruin the transmission.

Solution: You’ll need to figure out what’s leaking in the transmission, as it could be a number of things.

Cost: There are several scenarios here. Fixing a simple seal on your gearbox should cost you about $100. You’ll pay at least $300 if the transmission pan is the issue. A leaking torque convertor will be pricier.

Electrical Issues

car electrics
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

There are a number of electrical issues that can cause the gearbox problems. The electronics can fail, even the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

Symptoms: The main symptom in this case is that your Mondeo will have trouble shifting gears. The fuel economy will also decrease and you may get a Check Engine light.

Solution: Electronics can be tricky to diagnose but if it is the TCM, you’ll need to replace/repair it ASAP.

Cost: The whole TCM can cost you up to $1200; the price of repairs will vary.

Bad Bands

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Another cause of the Ford Mondeo transmission problems can be bad transmission bands.

Symptoms: Transmission slippage is the usual harbinger for these problems.  

Solution: You should check the car’s bands to see if they can be adjusted or replaced.

Cost: Bands are really cheap and one can cost you a minimum of $20. However, getting the work done will be pricey and should take you over $1800 with ease.

In Conclusion

There is a host of Ford Mondeo transmission problems that can cause you trouble. Try to change all the fluids on time as a form of preventative maintenance. If you feel any sort of uneasiness with your shifting, or if you get any gearbox warning lights, do have the problem diagnosed immediately.

Do Ford Mondeos have transmission problems?

The Ford Mondeo (especially its more recent models) has been known for its gearbox issues. Examples of these problems include damages to the clutch pack or solenoid, a bad torque convertor, and a variety of electronic issues.

Are Ford Mondeos PowerShift gearboxes reliable?

No, the Mondeo’s PowerShift gearboxes are known for being badly engineered. These components do fail a lot and Ford has even been penalized for their unreliability by the ACCC. To ensure it’s working, you should be vigilant when it comes to transmission oil and filter changes.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a Ford Mondeo?

To check the transmission fluid on a Ford Mondeo you should ensure that the engine’s running. Then, locate the looped handle near the engine’s firewall. Pull it out, and wipe it; then put it into the filler neck. After it will bottom out, pull it back out and observe the level of oil on it. The Min point will indicate the lower/minimum level of oil needed.  

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