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Ford Mondeo Oil Leak Problem: 4 Possible Causes

Ford Mondeo car

Ford Mondeo Oil Leak Problem: 4 Possible Causes

The Ford Mondeo is popular mainly for its safety and security, power, comfort, convenience, and hybrid technology. Even though it is a very good car model, it is not perfect. Now and then, your Ford Mondeo may have issues, with one of the most common ones being an oil leak.

A Ford Mondeo oil leak problem can be the result of an oil pan that went bad, a loose or damaged oil drain plug, a bad or improperly sealed oil filter, or even a valve cover gasket. When an oil leak is present, you will either see oil on your engine or under the car, or you will see smoke under the hood.

No matter what is causing the problem, you should take the necessary steps to fix it. In this article, we will walk you through possible reasons why your Ford Mondeo may be leaking oil and give you some solutions.

How Can You Tell that You Have an Oil Leak Problem?

oil leak problem
Photo by Pexels

Most of the time, a Ford Mondeo oil leak problem is easy to diagnose. However, you may not look under your car or the vehicle’s hood too often, so it may take a while to notice that there is a puddle of oil.

Here are the symptoms of a Ford Mondeo oil leak:

  • Oil on Engine: When oil starts leaking, it has to escape from somewhere. It will start from the engine of the Ford Mondeo. So, check the engine for any oil and if you see or feel any, there is a leak for sure.
  • Oil Under Your Car: You may also see some oil under your Ford Mondeo. This is usually the most obvious sign that you are dealing with a leak. A few drops of oil will be visible under your vehicle. But before assuming it is oil, bear in mind that Ford Mondeo vehicles may have other leaks too. Transmission fluid can also leak, and even power steering fluid can leak. Check the levels of all fluids before you are sure what you see on your driveway is actually oil.
  • Smoke Under the Car’s Hood: Another way to tell that there is a leak is if you notice smoke under the hood. Oil can end up leaking into the exhaust manifold causing smoke as a result. Even if there is smoke, it is not as flammable as transmission fluid is.

What Causes Oil Leaks in Ford Mondeo Cars?

Ford Mondeo vehicle
Photo by Unsplash

Oil leaks in Ford Mondeo cars could be caused by different factors. After all, there are multiple pieces that hold the car in place and help it function properly. So, it is not unusual for them to start having problems after you’ve used them for a while.

There are four possible oil leak causes. Here they are:

Bad Oil Pan

adding oil to car
Photo by Unsplash

It is not out of the ordinary for oil to leak from the oil pan. There is a gasket between the engine block and oil pan that goes bad sometimes. In other cases, there may be a hole or crack in the oil pan.

If the damage is bad, you will have to replace the oil pan gasket.

Unsealed or Damaged Oil Filter

changing car oil
Photo by Pixabay

Oil filters are necessary for a vehicle like Ford Mondeo. If you did not have your filter sealed properly when you had your oil changed last time, it could start leaking oil.

However, there is also a possibility of the oil filter being damaged, in which case you should replace your filter with a new one.

Valve Cover Gasket

man fixing car
Photo by Pexels

Oil can also start leaking from the Ford Mondeo’s valve cover gasket. This is a very common place for oil to leak from, so do not be surprised if this is the case for your vehicle.

You should bear in mind that other parts of the car can be affected depending on which part of the valve cover the oil is leaking from. For example, if the oil leaks from the valve cover on the spark plugs, it may lead to ignition system issues. But if the oil starts leaking from the valve cover around the vehicle’s exhaust, it will burn as you drive and will start smelling.

Replacing the gasket will be required if there is any damage.

Oil Drain Plug

pouring car oil
Photo by Pixabay

Your car’s oil drain plug could also be where the leak is coming from. This is especially the case if the oil plug was either left loose or stripped out. The oil will start flowing through it and then will leak.

In this case, the oil drain plug must be replaced. When you’re doing this, you should get new oil as well.


Oil leaks can be very frustrating to deal with, but luckily you can easily diagnose a Ford Mondeo oil leak problem. If you notice oil under the car, on the engine, or see any smoke under the hood, you are dealing with a leak. The next step is to find out whether the oil drain plug, valve cover gasket, oil filter, or oil pan is the culprit. Fix the problem before it gets worse.


Is fixing a Ford Mondeo oil leak expensive?

Depending on what could be causing your Ford Mondeo oil leak, fixing the problem can be very expensive, especially if the issue is left untreated for too long. Sometimes, you will have to pay between $150 and $1,200 to fix your Ford Mondeo’s oil leak. The place where the leak is coming from could also influence the price.

Can I drive my Ford Mondeo with an oil leak?

Driving your Ford Mondeo with an oil leak is possible. It will not necessarily prevent you from being able to drive the car, especially if there is still enough oil for the vehicle to use. But it is not a good idea to keep using your car when it is leaking oil, as the engine will not be able to lubricate and will get damaged.

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