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Ford Focus Won’t Start Clicking Noise: What Is The Cause?

Ford Focus IV hatch

Ford Focus Won’t Start Clicking Noise: What Is The Cause?

Ford Focus is a car model that can be very reliable on the road. It’s comfortable while featuring plenty of cargo space, several high-tech features, and a quiet interior. Of course, this does not mean that problems cannot arise from time to time. A Ford Focus won’t start clicking noise issue has been reported by many owners.

Usually, when a Ford Focus will not start but will make a clicking noise, it could be a problem related to the alternator or the battery. However, it may also be caused by the starter that probably went bad. If you need to use your car, you must solve this problem soon so your Ford Focus can go back on the road.

Read on to find out what might be preventing your Ford Focus from starting and why it makes a clicking noise.

Faulty Starter

jumpstarting a  Ford Focus
Photo by Unsplash

A bad starter is one of the main reasons behind a Ford Focus that will not start but make clicking noises. It is easy to tell when this is the issue.

You will hear a single, loud clicking noise when pushing the start button or turning the key, but the vehicle will not start. Although there are times when the car can start again if you tap the starter, it is not always the case.

Starters tend to last between 30,000 miles and 200,000 miles. So, if your Ford Focus’s starter reached that mileage, this might be the reason why your vehicle does not start. This is especially the case with cars that were not new when you bought them. The condition of the engine and the weather can also influence the lifespan of the starter.

So, you must get a new starter for your Ford Focus or have the existing one repaired. You should consider going to a repair shop so you can get the issue diagnosed properly and solved. If jumpstarting your car works, this is the first thing you should do, because even if the Ford vehicle starts running again after the jumpstart, you never know when the clicking sound may return.

But if tapping on the starter or jumpstarting the Ford Focus does not work, you should get the car towed and taken to a qualified mechanic.

Dear or Corroded Battery

car parts
Photo by Pixabay

Another thing that may be causing your Ford Focus to not start is a battery that is dead or has corroded terminals.

When the battery is the culprit, you may hear a rapid clicking noise but the vehicle will not start.

Battery problems are very common and many Ford Focus owners have issues with their batteries. These issues are some of the top reasons why people have to call for roadside assistance. So, if this is the case, check the battery to see if it’s still functional or not. If the battery is dead, you may want to look for a new battery to replace it.

In other cases, the problem simply comes from corrosion on the battery terminals. This is easier to take care of, as all you need to do is clean the terminals and remove any corrosion. Afterward, the Ford Focus should start.

A Bad Alternator

repairing a car
Photo by Pexels

Sometimes, even if the battery is dead, the battery itself is not the source of the problem. A bad alternator could be the cause. The alternator charges the battery, so if it isn’t working correctly, it will not charge the battery. Thus, your Ford Focus will not start.

You will hear rapid clicking noises which signal this issue. The clicking noise happens for electrical reasons. You’ll hear it because the starter cannot stay powered, so it keeps turning on and off and creating the sound.

The misfiring starter is just a symptom of the main problem in this case, not the cause. So, an electric system issue is the culprit. This means that jumpstarting the car may help you at least move it so you can take it to a qualified technician.

Keep in mind that you may need to replace the alternator of your Ford Focus if this is the culprit. It is worth the price if you want to stop the Ford Focus won’t start clicking noise issue and use the vehicle again.


It can be very frustrating to deal with a Ford Focus that makes clicking noises and won’t start. More often than not, a faulty battery, alternator, or starter is causing the problem.

The best way to deal with a Ford Focus won’t start clicking noise issue is by taking the car to a specialist. Jumpstarting the vehicle may allow you to drive it long enough to take it to the nearest repair shop. If you cannot jumpstart it, you could always arrange a tow and get it there.


Does a clicking noise appear when the alternator of a Ford Focus is bad?

A clicking noise can be heard sometimes when you are dealing with a bad alternator in a Ford Focus. Cranking the motor of the car requires a lot of energy. So, if the battery is unable to replenish its power because of the alternator, it cannot be effective anymore. As such, when you try to start the car, you will hear clicking noises.

How can I tell when my Ford Focus’s alternator is dying?

An alternator that is going bad in a Ford Focus will usually cause whining or growling noises that come from under the hood. The sounds occur when the belt responsible for turning the pulley of the alternator either rubs against the side of the pulley or gets misaligned. Getting it checked by a professional is a must.

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