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Chevy Equinox Common Problems

Chevy Equinox: 5 Common Problems & Solutions

If you are looking for an above-average car in terms of reliability, the Chevy Equinox is one of the top options to choose from. However, dealing with Chevy Equinox’s common problems could be a real pain. Even though it is one of the more reliable vehicles from the American manufacturer, there are a few things you should know.

Due to a bad rear main seal, oil leaks are one of the most common problems. Many Equinox owners suggest that they often use about one quart of oil for every 2,000 miles they drive. This could damage the engine and tends to be expensive.

If you are the fortunate owner of the Chevy Equinox, you are possibly a happy driver due to a few issues. However, you won’t be free of any engine problems. While motor vehicles often have various issues, we will look at some of the most common issues that Chevrolet Equinox drivers often need to deal with.

Which Chevy Equinox Common Problems Should I Be Aware Of?

Dealing with problems in your vehicle can be frustrating, but since the Chevy Equinox is given a reliability of 85/100, it is one of the most popular vehicles. Some of the following problems could be frustrating to deal with. If you own one or if you are planning to own the Chevy Equinox, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Oil Leaks

an oil leak
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: One of the first problems I noticed that people complain about is oil leaks. These prominent oil leaks could significantly damage the engine if left unchecked. The problems are often due to bad seals and a mechanic would quickly check the pan to see if there is any significant buildup of oil due to leaks.

Solution: While you can constantly top up the oil, it would become a costly endeavor. Additionally, ignoring the issues could lead to massive engine problems at the same time. It would be best if your mechanic can replace these seals to ensure the oil does not drain as rapidly.

2. Starter Motor Not Working

mechanic inspecting car
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: One of the oldest issues surrounding the Chevy Equinox has to do with the starter motor. The starter motor tends to fail without warning and this would prevent the vehicle from starting. Since it is one of the most important electrical components, you might also find issues related to the ECU of the vehicles.

Solution: Fortunately, you can replace the starter motor at home if you have some basic mechanical skills. However, it is often best to visit your mechanic to ensure that you use the right components. The mechanic would also identify the main cause of the issue. However, this could cost you around $500.

3. Emergency Brake Issues

worn brake disc
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: The emergency brake is one of the most important components for modern vehicles and due to the ECU; it would detect oncoming traffic or issues to help the vehicle implement an automatic brake. Since the ECU can have some problems, which are often related to the starter motor, it would significantly affect this safety component.

Solution: The best thing you could do is take your vehicle to the dealership. Unfortunately, the Chevrolet manufacturer does not have any implicit solution to the problem. However, they can easily reprogram the emergency brake and work through the control electronics of the vehicle to see if there are any other faults.

4. Interior Safety Failures Lead To Poor Safety Ratings

air bag deployed
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: In some of the earlier models like the 2005-2007 models, many people complain about the safety issues of the vehicles. These models tend to have problems with airbags deploying and the interior heater could also fail. Additionally, the lane departure warning system is one of the top safety procedures that you need to keep in mind.

Solution: Unfortunately, Chevy has not reported on any of these issues as of yet and this means that people would often miss the problems when buying a new car. While you can reprogram the settings and reset some of these safety features, you would need to make sure you visit your local mechanic.

5. Poor Fuel Efficiency

poor fuel efficiency
Photo by Pixabay

Problem: With rising gas prices around the world and the price of oil also going up, you must understand what your oil consumption is. One of the problems with the Equinox is the poor fuel consumption, which is often a result of problems with the V6 engine.

Solution: While Chevy does not have any response to this issue, you might need to visit a third-party mechanic to help you fix the problem. It is often due to a few of the defective components that you might miss. Having a mechanic give your vehicle an overall would help solve the fuel consumption issues.

Which Chevy Equinox Models Should I Avoid?

Photo by Pixabay

With numerous models dating back to 2004, some of these models have a few frustrating issues you might need to deal with. Here are the models, which often have the most common problems we discussed.

2005-2007 Models

2005 to 2007 have the most prominent security issues and these problems often included interior heater failure and airbag malfunctions. Since these are the first models ever released, it is expected to have a few issues, which have been rectified over time.

2010-2017 Models

2010 to 2017 made a massive leap in terms of quality and value. However, oil leaks and poor fuel efficiency used to plague these models. There have also been numerous safety recalls, which you need to keep in mind. It is very similar to the Vauxhall engine issues.


Is The Chevy Equinox A Reliable Car?

The Chevy Equinox is surprisingly reliable if we compare all the models and the numerous vehicles they have released. The reliability rating of this vehicle ranges from 80-85 out of 100, ensuring good value for your money.

Which Chevy Equinox Models Have The Most Issues?

The most problematic Chevy Equinox models are the 2012 and 2013 models, which are known to have significant engine problems. The vehicles might often stall and the starter could break without any real warning.


An avid car enthusiast, I love spending time researching new cars and seeing how technology improves each year. With a passion for cars, I often find problems with certain vehicles and believe these should be addressed to ensure everyone can have a happy driving experience. I spend hours on the road each year and having driven numerous cars, I have encountered some basic and unique problems. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help you prevent and even deal with some of these issues before they become fatal!!!

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