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BMW 1 Series Engine Problems

BMW 1 Series Engine Problems: 6 Common Faults

BMW is one of the most recognized brands in the world and is often associated with luxury and performance. With a whole host of different car models, the brand is trusted as one of the best German...

BMW 3 Series Oil Leak

BMW 3 Series Oil Leak: 5 Causes and Solutions

BMW 3 oil leakage can be caused by several reasons. But, don’t panic. Some fluids coming from the BMW engine are normal. For example, it can be just moisture because of the AC condensation. On...

BMW 335i Not Starting

5 Reasons Why Your BMW 335i is Not Starting

When people buy a car from a luxury brand, they expect that they won’t face the same problems as they do with budget models. While the probability is lower, every car essentially faces the...

bmw 3 series common faults

6 Common Faults in the BMW 3 Series Models

Owning a car with the letters “B, M, W” on it is probably the dream of everyone on this planet. However, it is important to know both the good things and bad things about a car before...