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BMW 530e Common Problems

BMW 530e Common Problems: Diagnosis and Fixes

BMW has a reputation for producing high-quality, and reliable vehicles. And, for the most part, the 530e lives up to this heritage. It’s a well-refined, stylish, and equipped luxury saloon hybrid, and a great choice for anyone looking for something both fuel-efficient and fun. However, it does have a few common problems which could seriously deter you from buying one. In this article, we’ll explore the top BMW 530e common problems, as well as potential solutions. Let’s take a look!

According to a report, the BME 530e is a reliable car. However, over 20% of owners did report a problem within the first year of ownership, showing that the 530e is particularly susceptible to common problems and defects. This is certainly something to consider if you’re looking for a reliable hybrid saloon.

Thankfully, such common problems haven’t decreased the vehicle’s overall safety. In fact, the 530e scored 5 stars in a Europ NCAP crash test. This is good news, as you can rest assured that, despite its common problems, the 530e will always be safe to drive.

But, what do these common problems look like?

BMW 530e Charging Problems

BMW 530e Common Problems

The hybrid battery is one of the most important components of any hybrid car. If it malfunctions, not only will you lose out on fuel efficiency and refinement, but you’ll also put your engine under undue stress. Unfortunately, the BMW 530e has a particularly unreliable hybrid system, and a broken or faulty battery is one of its most common problems.

Fixing such an issue can be extremely expensive, costing you up to $8,000 in extreme circumstances. (We’ve got a more detailed article on this subject here) So, if you’re looking for a reliable, and low-maintenance hybrid, you might want to steer clear of the BMW 530e.

Reliability Issues Under the Hood

BMW 530e Common Problems

Several BMW 530e owners have reported numerous common problems originating under the hood. Here are the most common problems:

  • Engine Malfunction. Several owners have reported strange engine noises as early as one week from buying their BMW 530e. Such noises have resulted in reduced performance, and ultimately a hefty repair bill. You might be able to get such problems fixed under warranty, but BMW has been known to be stingy at times.
  • Oil Leaks. Some drivers have reported oil leaks, which have happened as a result of the seal breaking. When a car costs this much, you really shouldn’t have to worry about problems like these and it can seriously take away from the overall driving experience.
  • EGR Issues: An EGR, or exhaust gas recirculation, is a valve that helps to reduce a vehicle’s emissions. When working optimally, the EGR valve is a great invention, and can seriously help to lower your impact on the environment. However, the EGR in the 530 presents a bad safety risk, as the cooler is prone to leaking, and could then catch fire very easily. Such a leak is rare, but hard to detect and extremely dangerous.

Main Battery/Tech Problems

mechanic checking car with laptop

The BMW 530e also has various problems in regard to the main battery and technology. Here are the most common issues:

  • Battery Short Circuit: A common problem with the model’s main battery is that it is subject to a short circuit. This happens because, occasionally, impurities will enter the battery. Such impurities result in a short circuit, meaning all your electrics will be unavailable until the battery is fixed.
  • Headlight Issues: The BMW 530e has an automatic headlight feature, which should take away the hassle of worrying about your headlights. However, most of the time, it simply doesn’t work, and your headlights will stay on all night. This will make you very unpopular with your neighbors, and could even lead to battery drain.
  • Poor Remembering Features: The 530e has an advanced ‘remembrance feature’. This means that you can set the car up how you like and, whenever your key is used, it will remember these settings and automatically adjust. However, this system is prone to failure and will most likely forget your preferences within a week or two. This problem won’t impact your car’s reliability or safety, but it is an annoying quality-of-life issue.
  • Battery Problems in Extreme Temperatures: One of the main battery’s biggest problems is its inability to cope in extreme climates. If you live in a cold destination particularly, expect the battery to die frequently, because it’s simply not built to endure such temperatures.

Other BMW 530e Common Problems

mechanic fixing car

Here are some miscellaneous common problems to look out for:

  • Malfunctioning Brakes. Some models have been recalled because the ball head, which connects the brake pedal to the brake cylinder, wasn’t locked properly. Essentially this would mean that, if a driver accidentally pushed the brake pedal upward, the brake switch would be turned on permanently. This, in turn, would cause annoying issues like a permanent warning light, an inability to start the engine without pressing the brake pedal, and issues with putting the car in park. This issue has been largely fixed but is still a common problem for older models.
  • Poor Drive Shafts. The 530e’s rear drive shafts are of particularly poor quality. This means that they’re not as durable as they should be. As such, they’re prone to damage and could cost you a lot of money in repairs.
  • Extreme Tire Wear. The BMW 530e uses an independent rear suspension design. This is great for comfort, refinement, and performance. However, it does mean that the rear tires are more susceptible to wear. In fact, the tires will need to be replaced as often as every 10,000 miles. This common problem can therefore become very expensive over time.
  • Faulty Airbags: The curtain airbags in the 530e may not deploy during a collision. This is because the propellant’s humidity level may be too high, meaning it’s essentially stuck in place. This could result in greater injury in a crash, and you should have your airbags checked by a mechanic if you own a 530e. Luckily, BMW has conducted a recall program as a result of this problem, so getting it fixed should be free.

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